Friday, August 29, 2008

my poor chicken

i feel sorry for her in this heat!
anyway, i must leave her this weekend because i'm going to long beach! woo.
the funny thing is that it's cooler down there than over here. weird.
my mom told me to bring my driving permit. gah, she's going to make me drive! i don't want to! okay, highway 5 isn't that bad, it goes straight for forever, but still.
anyway, i'm glad that i'll be able to go to marukai to stock up on milk tea, grapefruit juice, grape gummies, and hawaiian chips.
hopefully i can go check out the thrift stores down there and finally i'll be able to wear my bathingsuit this whole summer!


WendyB said...

Poor chicken. She doesn't get to go to the beach, eh?

Miranda said...

you have a pet chicken?! :O
and yay! beach! have fun :)

Anonymous said...

you have a pet chicken? cool!

Wendy said...

Oh cool, you have a pet chicken!

emily said...

awwww! i hate the heat more often than not!

jessica ann said...

it's my kitty :) have fun in long beach! xo