Monday, August 18, 2008

Crazy For You

i have this song stuck in my head. i've been singing it all day in my sucky even though i'm a filipino voice.

anyway, went to the g mall. i was supposed to get stuff for school, but it ended up that my brother got stuff and i didn't even though he starts school in a month and i start next week. oh well.
mainly went to h&m and tried on the hats and bags. i fell in love with this porkpie hat, it was really cute, but too hipster for me. also fell in love with a bag. simple, big, leathery, and only $19.90! but didn't have enough money. boo hoo.
picked up h&m magazine...
the tights are crazy colorful, but only $7.90
heehee, bf said she looked like the fashion designer from the Incredibles.
after h&m, watched Tropic Thunder. the theaters are so strict now. the girl was being a beezy by asking for ids. who actually checks if it's rated R? kids these days see worse than that. also, they weren't allowing "outside" food into the theater. that meant my bf had to throw away his drink he just bought. i stuffed his anderson's sandwich and pastry into my tiny ass bag. damn, i should of got that bag from h&m. good for times like this where you need to hide shit. even after the movie was over, they had employees standing outside the doors. they usually don't do that. damn. well at least they haven't reached AMC standards: id checks, security guards, and those black stands with cords connecting them for lines, leading straight to the exit. rawr. fuck the theaters with their $10 tickets and strict rules!
afterwards, i took my anger out on almonds that needed to be taken out of their shells. ate some in the process.
rawr! my sister busted out the chalk and i tried to draw my chicken.


NYING said...

FABULOUS chicken :) is the world coming to an end.. when one goes to the mall with a brother and he ends up making all the purchases... I love your flats.. are those bows?

emily said...

i was at h&m today! loveeee that store. <3