Monday, April 25, 2011

so excited : ]

usagi 1
usagi 2
Superheadz Usagi in Camel

I think I'll bring this to France with me : ].

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

dark mood

H&M sweater, Zipia top & boots, Urban Outfitters jeans, ebay'd Alexa bag

Received my Forever21 haul and half were hits (lace shorts, leggings, & knuckle ring) and the other were misses (skirt). Now that I have items to return, I have a reason to go back and shop more! : ].

The leggings were better than I thought. They are so amazing! Comfortable, opaque, high-waisted, and long in length, I loved them so much I immediately went online to see if it was still in-stock so I could order more, but of course they were out. If I was a girl who wore leggings as pants, I would totally rock them -__-. Since I saw 2 of the items I bought in the store I'm hoping it'll be in stock there!

Monday, April 11, 2011

nothing there

this depression is continuing longer than i thought. went shopping to try to make myself feel better, but it was only temporary, materialistic happiness. totally failed and saw that the items i ordered online were at the store in Forever 21. to keep it within context here's what i ordered:


trying to get as much sleep as possible to kill time and not think about anything. went on a day trip to Monterey on Saturday, which didn't help that much.


Monday, April 4, 2011


Attended sjeats over the weekend and it was totally not worth it! When we got there at 12, it was packed and there were ridiculously long lines that led to nowhere and seemed to have no start. The sad thing was that we waited 2 hours in line for Mogo's because it had the shortest line. 2 hours for something we already tried and could eat every Thursday? Plus they ran out of short rib T_T. We wanted to try Chairman Bao's, but they weren't even open till later. At least we got to try Horchata ice cream from Treatbot : ].

: ]!

need to stop

Purchased two more Alexa bags from the same ebay seller on a whim and kind of regret it now. Some people say "If you like something, buy it in different colors", but when I think of it, I don't really need another one in another color when this one in the color I like will suffice. Ugh, my impulses! T_T

I wanted a smaller one so that I could use it when I'm not at school, so I chose this one, but it ended up being the same size as the first one I got, so that means I can fit my binder and other school stuff. I wish I had purchased this one in the first place because it is better quality and has more pockets.

I also purchased a black one of the first one I got. I thought it would look good as a backpack, but to be honest, I don't think I'm going to use it! >_<

Overall, they were a good deal. I got a 5% off discount because it was more than one item, so I ended up paying a total of $31.50 for each bag which is a steal. Plus, it came in 2 weeks exactly, so I didn't have to wait a really long time!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Neturogena Mineral Sheers

Had one of those "I'm ugly" phases after seeing this picture (bad makeup, face not matching with neck kind of thing):
...but I think it was mostly due to my hair being hacked off T_T.
Anyway, went on a rage finding a different foundation to make myself feel better and decided to try Neturogena's Mineral Sheers foundation. I have been switching back and forth between Sonia Kashuk's tinted moisturizer and Everyday Mineral's foundation.

Neturogena Mineral Sheers Loose Powder Foundation in Nude (40)

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Pressed Powder in Light to Medium (30) & Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation in Nude (40)

L to R: Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation (Nude), Healthy Skin Pressed Powder (Light to Medium), Mineral Sheers Loose Powder (Nude)

Also got the ecotools retractable kabuki brush to go with the pressed powders: