Saturday, August 9, 2008

korean sushi...yum

my mom passed by the korean supermarket and got me some sushi...yum. i usually eat it all by myself. i just keep on putting them in my mouth. gah, i'm a pig.
in other food news, there's another yogurt with fruits, etc. you can put on store opening nearby. there's so many of them it's ridiculous. Red Mango, Yogurtland, Pinkberry, Frozo's. Dude, they're all the same. i don't get what's so great about it. i guess i have to try it out today! also, i got a cupon. whooo. time to milk.
last night, i went with the bf to see pineapple express. the movie was okay. it had its funny moments.
casual friday night movie outfit:
cardigan americanapparel, tank top oldnavy, jeans lei/walmart, shoes loehmann's
i wasn't really comfortable the whole time. the jeans were a bit tight and i usually like to put my legs up or on my bfs lap. i should of worn the usual dress but i didnt shave for how many days... :D

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Wendy said...

Oh you live in SF too, how cool! I lost my only gray cardigan and now I need to get one. They do so much. Nice casual outfit!