Wednesday, August 27, 2008

geez loueezz!

doggy! :Dwooden chairs with desks attached to them make me feel like i'm in the high schools in the movies. too bad they're uncomfortable with no room to write.f21 clubmasters borrowed from the bf. these are my pervert glasses. i don't know why, but i always imagine a creepy guy wearing these glasses when checking out...people. haha.
today was so hot! i was sweating so much, i could feel it running down. guh!
bra: f21
tank top: old navy
jeans: lei/walmart
purple converse yay!
the ride back home on the bus was crazy. the driver was speeding, not dropping off people at the right spot, swerving lanes, and cutting off people. and he's driving a bus. a guy he cut off honked, cut the bus off, and then drove away with his middle finger out the window. scary. i guess i have to get used to it :'D


Miranda said...

aw cute dog! yours? and that desk... hahaha i wish i had a desk like that.

as for those glasses, they are def pervert glasses. hahahaha

Wendy said...

You're dog is so adorable, love the expression!

Youngest Indie said...

Hey I really like your blog!

Well, about Albert Hammond Jr, there were a lot of songs he couldn't play because he didn't have all the right instruments due to his flight delay. A lot of it didn't make it to the show! But it was great nonetheless.

Thanks for the comment!