Sunday, December 20, 2009


went to the California Academy of Science museum on Wednesday because it was their free admission day. i was rushing through my last final and was so relieved when it was done!time to buy cute chopsticks at daiso!mmm unagi my favorite!
went to ikea afterwards because it was on the way homeand then yesterday had a birthday celebration. we were celebrating my birthday and two of my friends. we have our birthdays in the same week: mine is nov 23, kha is the 24th, and jimmy is the 27th lol. ate at boiling crab. so delicious and messy fun!one of the birthday boys on the right, kha.half of my girls.
bibs on!!
and hair tied back is a must!*confusedmmmmmm deliciousness!!!!
i was so glad rose was next to me. she was like my mama peeling the shrimp for me and giving me food : ]
our mess afterwards:afterwards, went to Gamba Kareoke.we stood up for a Spice Girl's song lolisn't this adorable?! my friend jimilyn made it! it's supposed to be of us.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


4 finals coming up this week! can't wait for everything to be over, but i'm going to hate the month long break before spring semester. wwwwhhyyy!!!!!made those clover & orange ornament things and tried to make hello kitty -_-
why haven't i got these before?! i wouldn't have had to suffer and mess up my heels!!! they're great! they keep the shoe in place so it doesn't rub up against my heels and they filled up the extra space in my pointed flats. wow purple eyeshadow really does make brown eyes pop!and really loving this foaming makeup cleanser from clean & clear. my life is now complete. lol :]

Monday, December 7, 2009


ugh why did i wait till the night before to start on the two essays due the next day? i got one down at least yay! but procrastinating right now for the last one.been eco-conscious lately due to my gone green sister and watching the film "An Inconvenient Truth" in geology class. it makes me feel bad about everything, so i bought tissues made from recycled paper yay!
american eagle cardigan, thrifted dress & belt, target tights, gojane oxfords
wore one of my new shoes on sunday for errands and they need some breaking in. ugh poor feet.
killed some time by walking around the mall and getting something i didn't need but wanted. treat for me yay.
wore one of my new shoes out on sunday for errands and it needs some breaking in to do. ugh.

Friday, December 4, 2009


yay i got the shoes i ordered from today! i ordered them last saturday, they shipped yesterday, and i got it today!my favorite pair are the boots! the flats are a little big (toe cleavage) and the oxfords are meh and they were the reason i ordered these shoes! it's hard to find oxfords that are affordable, but these from Urban Outfitters look promising.
Now time to recycle!