Tuesday, August 19, 2008

GQ look

finally went to savers today! i wish i had more time there, but mom and sis were waiting.
found a long skirt with lovely pleating and a gold detail. sadly, it was too short to be a floor length dress and too long to be a cute dress. i could of worked with it, but i didn't "need" it. back to the hanger it went.
saw a very sexy lady...i wish i could of taken this hot chick home, but i knew my mom wouldn't buy it and i don't have any space. so, instead, i got:
black skirt. i need to hem and line it, but it was only $3.99. just a few dollars more to make it perfect.
i don't know why i like these shoes. they remind me of 80's pretty in pink.
and i love the men's shoe look it has with jeans. my GQ look!

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Richel said...

lovin' the buys. I heard savers was one of the best thrifting places to go to!