Monday, August 24, 2009

back to school

woo for back to school! had my first day of classes today. i was excited to be starting school again (even having butterflies going there) but now i'm just dead tired.realized these shorts are too short for school...or outside. :[ i feel like a slut now :[
went to marukai to kill my 3 hour break. gah breaks!!!
delicious drinks!!! lol the grapefruit tea is SALTY! (but not really :D)
MMMM wasabi shrimp chips! they were on sale for $0.98 so we got a bunch :D
some randomness:
-delicious sushi!
-uncosiderate, snobby bitch. gosh, i hate it when people put their feet on the seat in front of them. i'm passive aggressive so i can't go up and be like "move your feet". i'll just take a picture and bitch about them :D
-delicious cinnamon dulce latte! i knew i had at least $3 left on my debit card and ordered a caffe latte with cinnamon dulce syrup ($2.60+$0.40=$3) but apparently they have a "cinnamon dulce latte" at $3.30 (isn't it the same thing?) and the barista charged me that. i was worried i went over so i asked my sis to check online and OMG i had ONE PENNY LEFT! *whew* :D

Saturday, August 15, 2009

<3 garlic

had a fun day driving around trying to find one freaking pizza place just for garlic fries. place was not found but we took matters into our own hands and made it ourselves :Dweird, but good!"KC". so much easier than charmaine. whatsup with starbuck's new menu layout? and why did they have to change the strawberry mix? strawberry water is not the same as it used to be. downgrade.
ice cream treats for doggies?! i don't think they would like it :[if there's no garlic fries around, we're gonna make it ourselves! parsley and frozen steak fries check!
end result: good enough garlic fries
which reminds me of the garlic fries from the gilroy garlic festival i went to last month. the ones we made weren't as good, but they satisfied our cravings!the garlic was getting to me. it was delicious though! going to make at home one day.
Delish! looking forward to you next year garlic festival!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

i'm your doll

summer. ending so quickly. THANK GOODNESS!memories.
finally found a blue colored nail polish i've been looking for. it was sort of crappy but i loved the color.
went to California's Great America theme park this week and it was a lot of fun despite all the bad stuff that happened that day: bee sting, heat exhaustion, people stuck on ride for hours, helicopters, no water, and the burning heat.
poor winnie baby got stung by a bee in the parking lot. thank goodness she wasn't allergic!sitting down after almost getting the symptoms of heat exhaustion: nausea & dizziness. it was terrifying! i felt like i needed to throw up and then my hearing got muffled. as i was walking to the bathroom everything was in a daze. scary! (see the pimple on my leg? :D)
i want a bigass banana!!!i LOVE you tacobell! we left the park bc food there is way too expensive. *simultaneous drinking of water and frutista freeze*wore a sarong my dad gave me a long time ago that i never used to go play in the mini waterpark.see the three tiny helicopters? four of them came by bc one of the rides got stuck leaving 24 people 80 feet above the ground in 90 degree weather for a couple of hours. poor people.
$10.90 funnel cake....not worth it :[riding kiddie rides: well worth it :]even better: $3 mini skateboards!!!
wearing f21 tank & aa pique bloomer shorts
group picture!yeah i one get one free pearl drinks?! heck yes!
end result: obvious tan line :[ time to hide inside

Saturday, August 8, 2009

eating leftover pancakes

had a surprisingly full day of hanging with the girls: ihop, froyo, park, mall, walmartx2, michaels, and bracelet making.i'm so getting that!we are the paparazzi!
devoured not devoured. no more room.passed by the 10th froyo place around here. got pistachio+plain tart w/ strawberries mochi & chocolate syrup. yum!
and then to the park to walk off all we ate:
later on we made bracelets which was surprisingly fun for something we should only be doing as 8 year olds.
end result: 14 bracelets, one for me and one for the boypren