Thursday, April 23, 2009

poor & begging

on Yahoo News: "Man pretending to fall off bridge actually falls"
that's a fucking fail right there...
but the guy was drunk so it's not even a fail.
is this the face of poverty?
ran out of my $20/week lunch money and was really hungry during my lunch break at work, so decided to get mcdonalds (the only thing i can afford. thank you dollar menu). i calculated a mcdouble & sweet tea and it was $2.19 (damn 9.25% tax). i only had $2.18 in my wallet. (fucking sad right?) i didn't see any pennies on the floor (where are you pennies-on-the-floor when i need you?!) so i went up to a lady and asked her for a penny. she gave me a penny...and then more coins. i said, "oh all i need is a penny" and she said "oh no, take it, take it" pushing my hand away. did i just experience begging? the feeling of not having enough money for food?
i walked to the mcdonalds outside of the mall (bc the mcdonalds inside didn't have sweet tea) and the total turned out to be $2.17. what the fuck?! so i didn't have to ask for money anyway.
chai tea boiled with sugar is more delicious than tea bag+honey+milk.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

inevitable darkness

yay! time for short shorts, tees, and dresses! warm weather is finally here and i'm sweating like a pig and praying that i don't get dark.not ready for full on romper action, so skirt over romper!
but yeah, i really don't want to get any darker than i already am...burnt toast!
dark right?!?!?!?!
darkened by weeks practicing in the sun for marching band...the good ole days :D
so today was Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day. went last year and the year before, so i was bummed that i couldn't go this year (*cough*mrc*cough*). the sad thing is that i forgot there was a ben & jerry's a block from campus. so sad.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

mini mini

ahh the weather is getting so warm now. love the experience of summer nights: the stuffiness inside, the coolness outside, the smell of burning buildings and smog. ahh, memories.
sick with a sore throat. went crazy at the asian market and bought instant udon, instant porridge, crackers, and mochi :D
my favorite part is the bean curd!!! yum :D
i wish they had this size mochi at the store!!!

being the cheapie i am, i got the store brand version of sore throat lozenges and theraflu. i hate sore throats!!! the lozenges are f-ing scary though. i didn't know they numb :[now i remember why i don't wear these wedges anymore...they hurt!!!!!!!!!!
cutting my split ends with...
i have so many split ends! i don't want to cut my hair though bc hair cutters always cut off more than what you want them to cut off. these scissors are good for on the go!!!my sister's interpretation of me with my swollen eyes. cried last night and turned into a monster today.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


current obsession: pixies
got "Hey" stuck in my head and also in love with gigantic

currently in love with these items:
hat from AE. it's so adorable! i think that it'll make me feel
like i'm on a boat crossing a river wearing a paper thin dress with red lips (the lover reference/escapism) minus all the sex with an older man and fucked up family :D i'm so happy i'm getting hours now so i can have money to pay for it. i better not spend it all on food :Dwanting shorts in black and white. pockets a must and shaved legs a must!!!
tried these on in the store. i was so happy to see them b/c most forever21 stores don't carry shoes. they have the height i need to add to my 4'11'' and they are not hard to walk in. plus $22.80 is cheap!
also loving this skirt. fucking cheap ($6.90) but not sure about the quality. i hope it's in the store! :D


i hate it when there's a song that i hear and like and don't know what it is!
especially when it's instrumental.
looks like i'm never going to find out what is is:
glad the sunny weather is sorta returning but the cold wind just kills it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


omg the commercial got me. those hamsters are too damn cute. too bad it won't be out till next year :[

been car wanting lately.
wanting so bad...
and dealing with an addiction:
i'm lovin it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

woman's intuition or luck?

i think that one of the greatest feelings in the world is finding out that class is canceled. it's like "YAY!"
i had the feeling of checking the online "blackboard" for my class tomorrow morning (which i never do) and voila the teacher is sick and class is canceled! at first i thought it was my "intuition" but then i guessed that it was just luck. oh well :D
who uses these $1 coins?! i got 17 of them from the ticket machine as change and asked all the cashiers i went to today if they accepted them. their answer: "of course. it's money." silly me, but seriously, who uses them and where do you get them from other than evil ticket machines?the one and only crossword puzzle i'll ever do in the newspaper.
those things are hard!!!
i saw it on the table, skimmed it, and saw something i knew!
DOWN: 27 Jazz guitarist Montgomery
it's funny how the good weather is going away along with spring break.
footsies!!! i'm liking polished toenails :D
very random.