Monday, June 28, 2010

sweating like a pig

what's been going on in the month of june (thank goodness it's pretty much over!):
got these goody spin pins. all i've been wearing lately is a bun because my hair is at that awkward length between short and long. these work great and look better than a jaw clip!
finally got a bike! i've been wanting a cruiser for a while, but every time a good one pops up on craigslist, it gets sold. got this baby for $40, but i need to get it fixed. can't wait!!!
omnomnomnom yummy beef steak and egg sandwich from new bambu. i ate one today and wanted another earlier T_T
top: american eagle outfitters, shorts: forever 21
i dunno, but it feels weird when older people complement what i wear. like these shorts. hmm.

currently wearing NYC's French White Tip and American Apparel's Summer Peach.

Monday, June 14, 2010

top: american eagle, tap shorts: american apparel
finally, a perfect and simple pair of high waisted shorts! i feel so american apparel in this picture lol. wanting to get these shorts in tan and blue as well and saw that they increased the price by $2. it's not much, but it's like

lol i accidentally grabbed the tester at american apparel. this is one of their new lacquers in summer peach. can't wait to try it out.
top: forever21, shorts: h&m
wore this to my friend's 21st birthday. really into stripes, cropped tops, and high waisted shorts right now, as typical as it is. i'm glad that it's trendy and available right now.

here's my good friend kha and his boypren eric. eric definitely made the fun night with so many that's-what-she-said's.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

flauta love

cardigan: hand me down from aunt, tank & shorts: forever21, flats: urbanoutfitters
omg i want the cheese flautas from la fiesta in berkeley so bad! all that gooey, warm cheese in that crunchy tortilla!!!
definitely inspired by Lena's cutie french! i got a vivi in a different language but with the same cover just to have the cover and then got the japanese version -_-

bodysuit: urbanoutfitters, belt: thrifted, skirt: forever21
i hate it when i lose my mom in a store and she doesn't turn on her cellphone. i walked around target 5 times -_-

needed a new moisturizer and sunblock because my eucerin redness relief lotion wasn't cutting it. my oiliness has come back (damn summer) so i got this clinique gel moisturizer. i like how it's lightweight and how i only need so little of it! this sunblock is also a step up: spf 30, doesn't leave me with a sticky feeling, and doesn't have that sunblock smell.

Friday, June 4, 2010

go to

yay so glad the pain/suckiness of getting wisdom teeth taken out is over! i will miss the pros of my week hibernation: staying indoors away from the sun and not eating anything because of the nausea from the pain pills.
cardigan, jeggings, & flats: urbanoutfitters, tank: forever21
my go-to outfit! i'm sad i can't wear these jeggings anymore, it's too hot!

dress: thrifted, romper (underneath) & flats: urbanoutfitters
i think this is my go to pose. lol.
rompers are great slips! they give coverage and no flashing underwear! the only thing is taking it off to go to the bathroom!

sorry about my bleh feet! the colors i'm wearing right now: China Glaze's Peachy Keen and OPI's What's With The Cattitude? they're so summer! the China Glaze one dries darker than the bottle which is a bummer because i like light pastel colors. every time i look at my toes, i think of Shrek. lol.