Tuesday, August 31, 2010

bad days

the fall semester is getting off to a bad start. i screwed up and there's no point in going to school because of it. damn san jose state.
anyway, before all this mess got really bad, i went to my auntie's farm and picked some fruits, veggies, and almonds.
wearing: UO hat, F21 sweater, AA shorts, thrifted boots
also bought these in sadness/impulse. i don't feel better now, but i will a little when i get them.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


sweater & shorts: forever21, belt: thrifted, shoes: urbanoutfitters

gaaaaaaah i'm so dark now! T_T. after a whole summer trying to stay light, it's all ruined the last summer day before school starts. i can't wait for my mom to bring back whitening soap from the philippines!

Friday, August 27, 2010


school has started and i hate it already. three things to describe my feelings towards school: excitement, disappointment, and anger. at least i have pictures from my short vacation to look back on.
action samplers and waterproof cameras are so fun!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

not intended

biked to my house yesterday on my (finally!) finished bike! it was so scary driving on the road next to cars *wimp. had a picnic at the park and now my bony butt is sore. wore this:
head to toe urban outfitters. why do they have to have everything i want/need? and why are they making me hipster? i shouldn't wear just urban outfitters stuff anymore.
anyway, went to san francisco on sunday to see the renegade craft fair at fort mason. luckily, there was a farmer's market nearby because i didn't eat breakfast, so my sis and i bought some pastries. she also got a shampoo bar. the fair was big. i didn't know where to look, so i walked around in a daze. didn't see much to my liking except for a tote bag with chewbacca, day of the dead style.
they had a picture booth with free pictures!


finally! a suitable sunblock! i wish my sister never mentioned ewg's cosmetic database or else i wouldn't care what i put on my skin. my search for a sunblock that didn't have a high toxicity and didn't leave me white/ashy drove me crazy! i hate the white residue of sunblock especially! this johnson's baby lotion sunscreen met the safe toxicity level, but left me so ashy and bleh! i'm glad i found bull frog's gel sunscreen. now i can wear sunscreen everyday to (try) from getting tan.
also, got a much needed night creme. i hope this helps with my redness!