Saturday, January 30, 2010

hooray for dry shampoo!

school sucks as usual. i always look forward to the new semester starting, but it always ends up miserable and depressing. so sad haha. but then i start liking it towards the end. weird.
anyway, finally got my hands on Tresemme's new Dry Shampoo which is part of their new line, Fresh Start. the line won't be out everywhere until March, but it's available at select Walgreen's and at Ulta. i was thinking that it would be only at Ulta so went over there to find that they ran out, but called my nearest Walgreens out of desperation and hope and they had it! got the last two bottles too. muahaha!
can't compare it to Bumble & Bumble or The All Nighter hair powder which i wanted to get initially, but it gets the job done. my hair doesn't look oily, it has a matte/dull look, has a nice citrus smell and it has some volume. needed a dry shampoo because work + school= no time. i just eat and go to sleep after school/work :] i feel like i have sexy bed hair now!plus, made two more cowls but the grey one sheds like crazy and the burgundy one feels so chunky! haha.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


currently waiting for the mascarpone cheesecake to be done and for ugly betty to start.
went skating last week (yeah bogo free coupon!)
my own sad version of a japanese meal:ichiban instant udon and japanese miso dressing from costco! so yummy.went to walgreens bc the maybelline cosmetics were 40% off. got the last stylish smokes in natural smokes yes! but broke another quad in the process *kick under and runs awayi was really excited about the quad, but it was just ok. the lid color isn't very pigmented. urgh, but i love the brow bone color.saw this nail polish in the aisle where they have the new stuff displays. i don't know why i was thinking of the color metro chic by sephora opi when i got this, but it's taupe. i'm in love. i also like how the brush is rounded. it helps a lot!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


so glad it's a 4 day weekend!

all i've been doing is working, eating and sleeping so i always look forward to watching movies with the boypren. we finally exchanged christmas presents!
got the dvd "Black Orpheus" or "Orfeu Negro", oxfords from UrbanOutfitters, and false eyelashes and hair clips!

i really liked the movie from the music to the clothing and time. the trailer is like the whole movie lol.
also got the velvet amber blackberry gift set i've been wanting from victoria's secret. the boypren bought it for me on ebay bc my paypal account wasn't processed and it reeked of smoke! ugh. now i'm trying to air it out.
trying on my goodies!whoooaaa false eyelashes are crazy!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


these inflated pineapples remind me of les ananas from telefrancais!anyways, so tired right now even though it's only 10:49pm. i've been working 8:00am to 5:00pm the last few days. i got a job as a receptionist at school! how i got it is so crazy too: i was at Peet's coffee and this lady came up to me asking if i had a job and voila i have a job! it's a miracle! i'm so glad i didn't get that job at american apparel now! but now i'm dead tired. i wake up at 6:15 every morning to catch the 6:50am bus to make it before work starts at 8 and then i'm there till 5 in the evening. and this is gonna be everyday till school starts! ahhhh! but i'm glad i have it.spend my breaks in the rose garden eating and this squirrel was scaring me. i thought it would attack me.cowl: handmade by me, top: vintage, clutch: AE, skirt & sweater tights: f21, oxfords: gojane
went to my friend, Tina's, 21st bday today at pasta pomodoro (oh why is their olive oil basil whatever bread dip so good?!) my sister and i made her dark chocolate covered dried apricots for her gift.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

romper love

tunic: gift
it's so refreshing to have something new in your closet :]
had an uneventful christmas and new years, but got some goodies that make up for it.knitted this cowl which i absolutely love!!! i used lion brand's jiffy in taupe mist and it's so soft and warm! i want to make more in different colors now!bought some more yarn today because it was the last day michael's was having a sale on all their yarn. i'm like a kid in a candy store in the yarn aisle :]got this at a salvation army for only $2.10. 50% off on wednesdays and no sales tax?! i love the salvation army!was planning to wear this h&m skirt for christmas, but we didn't go to southern california as usual because my dad got sick. it's adorable though and it has pockets!!! my favorite :]one of my lucky finds, this floral romper from urban outfitters. they had a 50% off sale sale after Christmas so i had to go. went before they opened and there were others waiting. i just hate that feeling, fighting other people over something. luckily my sister and i left the sale area before a big rush came. i thought this romper was a tank top until i tried it on unsuccessfully in the fitting room, so when i found out it was
A. a romper
B. with pockets
C. only $9.99 after the discount
i had to get it!!!
my sister also got this striped bodysuit (which i stole from her) for only $4.99! i couldn't believe the receipt. i guess that's the good thing about shopping the sale at stores: they might have things on sale that are still normal price on the website and vice versa.