Friday, August 8, 2008


so i had this dress that i bought from crossroads that originally came from urbanoutfitters that i never wore. the shoulders we're made of acrylic/wool and were extremely tight making it hard to put on and wear. the shoulders also had this fold up and button up design that never stayed in place.see?
i guess the only reason i bought this dress was because of the pockets (i love them!),the dark blue corduroy of the dress, and the fact that i pretty much exchanged my clothes to get new clothes. i was cleaning out my closet and thinking about giving it away, when i came up with an idea. taking my handy pair of scissors, i cut the acrylic/wool material of the shoulders/top half off.
here's what it looked like:
next, i pinned it up to the shortest it could go without the pockets peeking out and because i didn't have any ribbon i just used clear bra straps to hold the dress up. ghetto.
here is what it looked like:
much better than how it was before with its too tight shoulders and long length.
i was thinking of what to use as straps. i didn't want to use ribbon because it would be all shiny and girly. i then remembered how my friend made straps on her prom gown using the leftover fabric from when it was hemmed.
so now my plan is to bring this to the alteration/dry cleaners to get it fixed. i think that the cost would be a little more over $20, but i'm okay with that because i don't want to mess it up with my sucky sewing and not right stitches which i could never get the tension right. can't wait to see how it turns out!

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