Tuesday, September 30, 2008

in mourning

the kitty i was fostering died this morning at 2. i'm so sad and depressed. i don't know what i did wrong. i've skipped school again today. being sick just makes it worse.

Monday, September 29, 2008

no more milk

there's no more milk in the fridge. guh. what am i going to do?! i just made brownies too. :(
it sucks being sick. i decided to skip my public speaking class and ate pho with the bf. i decided not to go to my history class too and ooo lucky me, the prof sent an email saying we had no class today. good thing since i didn't finish reading the whole chapter. :D
cardigan: classics
tee: sjp steve & barrys
skirt: forever21 (i love the pockets!)
tights: mervyn's
shoes: savers
i went to petsmart to get some more milk formula for the kitty. i'm really worried for it because it hasn't been acting normally. it always dozes off to sleep and doesn't mew/meow as much. i hope it's not sick!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

do you cook an egg with your ramen noodles?

heehee i like to! right now i'm eating chicken noodle soup with an egg because i'm sick with a sore throat and a runny nose.
yesterday, i went to san francisco to try to see the new California Academy of Sciences. there was a long line and my sister and i walked to the end of it (it took us awhile). when we got to the end, this guy said that they weren't giving anymore tickets. bummer.
ate at Fune Ya on Clement. the sushi at the sushi bar was only $1.95! yeee i stuffed my face.
when i got home, i watched eagle eye with some friends and ate at in n out.

Friday, September 26, 2008

choke and boom mics

today i watched choke with the bf. yee :Dvneck: urbanoutfitters (i love basics from the guys section)
skirt: savers
shoes: h&m
instead of being a dark film, it was cute and lighthearted. what annoyed me was the boom mic showing in many shots. :(
today was very warm as well. 83 degrees. bleh.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


have you heard of usana?
most of the people i ask don't know about it.
guh. right now, i'm not a great fan of it.
what i wore to the usana presentation:
shirt: heritage 1981
skirt: savers
tights, dunno
shoes: h&m
so my friend (let's call him J) called me two days ago asking if i was still looking for a part time job. i said yes and he immediately put his director on the phone. she just told me that i should dress nice and meet her tomorrow. she stressed that i should go since J told her about me and she would be "taking time out of her schedule". they didn't tell me anything about what they do, and i felt obligated to go for J's sake, so i went today. i didn't know what to wear. i look like a waiter. i wish i wore heels. all the girls/women there were wearing them. i was such a shortie!

all in all, it was pretty much a presentation about the company which sells vitamins and that sort and the marketing of it. people are paid commission for how much they sell and how many they recruit. i came into it biased because a classmate of mine was saying how it just recruits people to get more money. although i see the bright side of the company (such as their products), i feel uneasy with it. first, one needs to pay $420. they then sell the products and gain more money by recruiting their friends. they even had their successful people there. two or three were making more than $1000 per week and the one making $300,000 a year was showing off her $100,000 car.
after the presentation, J's director asked if i wanted in and i said yes (it sounded good then). J yelled
out "attention everyone! we have a new family member!" to which the crowd whoopped and cheered. the only problem that came up was paying the $420 and convincing my mom. i don't have a job and my dad is overseas at work, leaving my mom to support all of us with her not paying that well job. the director asked if she could speak with my mom and we set up so that she would come over tomorrow.
when i got home, i realized what i got myself into. i don't want to go any further with this. i can't sell and i definitely don't have $420. now the only problem is getting myself out of it, because even though i called back saying i can't have the meeting tomorrow, there is a training on saturday which the director signed me up for. guh! i feel so obligated! i guess i'm just weak minded.
anyway, that was a long rant. the kitty is still alive and (hopefully) healthy. :D

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


yay, i'm taking care of a kitty! my friend found it on the street and brought it to the humane society, but since it was so young, they would of put it to sleep. so now, i'm taking care of it until it's 2 pounds. heehee. at first i didn't tell my mom, because i thought she would get mad and throw it away or something, but she's ok with it. wheeeee.gah, she won't stop meowing. i feel like a single mom or something. always tired.

Monday, September 22, 2008

i really like this top from h&m. it's hippie, flowy, and covers my tummy :D
i feel so bleh! being a procrastinator, i started reading chapter 4 last night at 10 (my quiz was today). i was so sleepy, so i went to sleep at 11, woke up at 1, went back to sleep at 2, and then woke up at 5 to finish the reading. gaaaahhhh.
also, there was a girl at school wearing REALLY BRIGHT blush. now im afraid of using it even though i love it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


so another wetseal/forever21/forlove store is opening at the g mall. never heard of it, but it's called a'gaci i was thinking of applying, but i'm still 17, so most likely they wouldn't hire me. :( i guess i'll wait till i'm 18.
some picks:

Saturday, September 20, 2008

the way you look tonight

randomly, "the way you look tonight" just popped into my head. thank goodness i had it on my ipod! it's the fred astaire version, but i like this one as well:cardigan: americanapparel
tee: h&m
skirt & shoes: savers
went to walmart with the family (it's always fun going there). saw the americanapparel pocket skirt knockoffs. they didn't have my size in black. my mom asked me why i always get black. i guess it's because it goes with everything :D
got some much needed socks. they remind me of business time. <3 flight of the conchords. damn those scalpers!!! couldn't see them in san francisco because of that. oh well. at least i can look forward to their second season.

really bummed

stuck in my head: Goodbye Horses by Garvey
cardigan: americanapparel
tank: oldnavy
jeans: walmart
shoes: h&m
pretty bummed. eating leftover chinese food and watching best week ever made me a little bit happier. guh :D

Thursday, September 18, 2008

"you look dead"

when my friend picked me up this morning, she said that i looked dead. what?! amy winehouse lined eyes make you look dead?! wtf?anyway...
jacket: h&m
tee: americanapparel (V-neck thursday!!! yay!)
jeans: walmart
and good old purple chucks.
had the dark elevator today. it's so one of those elevators a couple walks in and makes out madly.
i went to eastridge today to watch a movie. usually wouldn't go there, but my friend at american eagle had free movie tickets. perks of working at american eagle: getting 63 free movie tickets. score.
bf wasn't there, so i walked around.
i'm still in love with these heels. but they're still 34.50. guh. they feel walkable, but you really don't know until you take them out. can't decide if they're walkable in a small little dressing room.
i don't know why i'm in love with this look even though the sizes are XL and XXL.
afterwards, i saw a payless and i was sooooooooo glad. i wanted to check out these:
i've been checking these out online for so long. i'm in love with them. even though they're only 39.99 i don't even have the money to get it. tear tear. but i was happy trying them on!i also spotted these, which i didn't see online. i couldn't really try them on though, because my jeans have a small leg opening and are really long, thus being scrunchy at the end. rawr. i wish i wore tights and a dress or something. :(watched bangkok dangerous with the bf. we decided why not since we weren't really paying for it and we could laugh at the ridiculous movie. bought macdo and since they don't allow outside food inside, i put it in my bag (thank you big black bag! you are so useful!). my bag smells like fries now. and of course we had to go to daiso. we had to control ourselves from not staying in there longer. they were having a $1 food sale for food that is almost expired. weird.
i think it's funny how it says "Food, for ages 0-100". hahahaha.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


went to giorgios for kha's reunion dinner thingy.guh, my glasses tan is still there...
kha/kyle one of best guy friends. he was the only guy in color guard. haha. i don't see him much since he goes to the art institute in san francisco. he's always asking if i've seen any hot asian guys. :Da chocolate milano italian soda. i never knew they had chocolate flavored italian sodas! it smelled so good, but the syrup was pretty strong.
all the food was delicious! mostacioli di bari, brushchetta, and tiramisu! yum!
cardigan: h&m
tank top:old navy
skirt: savers
wearing that nonstretchable skirt was a mistake. poor tummy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sucky day.

a sucky day today, but looking foward to tomorrow!
i ate a yummy loco moco today and had a delicious drink!
turtleneck: h&m
jeans: walmart
shoes: h&m

Monday, September 15, 2008

yummy fried squid

yay, i got good food today. :D
the fried squid at quickly's and tapioca was bleh, but the one at hydration (another tapioca, asian food place) was delicious!!!
i have to stop eating out everyday.
cardigan: h&m
dress: forever21 (that dress is short in the back. thank goodness for my skirt! :D)
shoes: h&m
man, it sucks listening to my sister sing on rock band 2...horrible!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

rock band 2

got rock band 2 today! yay, now i can sing more songs...when i'm alone in the house.cardigan: h&m
dress: savers
shoes: h&m
this cardigan makes me sad, because before, it was 3 times it's size as it is now. my brother got it, but didn't like it because it's wool. it was big and slouchy on me, but then i washed it wrong...and it shrunk. tear tear.
i also got the rimmel color rush quad eye shadow in smokey brun. i'm inspired by the brown smokey eye from alexander wang's show.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Peanuts Deluxe Cafe

went to school today even though i didn't have class. i had to work on a speech project. ugh.
sjsu is so empty on fridays. it's nice. but that's only because of thursday nights.
sweater: gap
tank: banana republic
jeans: walmart
shoes: h&m
there are some kooky people on public transit.
today, the bus was getting crowded so i moved over and this guy sat down next to me.
he started talking and it was hard for me to understand...
he said i had a pretty smile and even asked for my name. at first i said "charmaine" but he didn't get that so i said "kc". gah, and then he put out his hand which i shook because i didn't want to be rude.
there's plenty more stories...
anyway. i went to Peanuts Deluxe Cafe for the first time.
i hate going into places and not knowing what to do. i just stood there dumbfounded. once i figured it all out, i got a yummy avocado bacon tomato cheese sandwich and took a bite out of a yummy philly cheese steak. yum.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

chai tea

just drank some chai tea. it was yummy and spicy. i think i added too much honey...bleh.
today was another cold & chilly in the morning and hot later on kind of day, thus i wore black tights.
cardigan: papaya
tank top: h&m
shorts: oldnavy
tights: dunno
shoes: h&m [yay, they're more broken in now, but they still hurt my heels! :( ]
i dunno, but the black tights and jean shorts look weird together.
i got happy once it got sunnier.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


mmm i just ate a samosa...so yummy and spicy.
it was cold today! yay! but only in the morning. it got sunny and warm later. ugh. i hate when that happens.
vneck cardigan: urbanoutfitters
grey tank: h&m
black tank: savers
jeans: walmart
my henna is still here! yay.
ugh...im so full...tummy expanding...

Monday, September 8, 2008

sore throat

my throat is bleh because i drank soymilk last night. bleh.
as usual, i was late for public speaking. i'm always late for that class! :( i hate it.
it was good that today wasn't that hot, though! :D
i also ate by myself for the first time... so sad.
cardigan: americanapparel
tank top: h&m
belt & skirt thrifted
i was drinking hot chocolate! :D
i also moved my bunk bed to the window... it was hard.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Target Makeup

Target is expanding their lines of makeup. It's nice to see this kind of makeup at your good old Target store. Things that i want to check out:
NP Set Lip Gloss in Island Gold $15.00
i like this nude s
hade with shimmer

NP Set Lipstick in San Francisco $15.00
i like the sheer beige color and its name

Pixi Water Blush in Chestnut Stain $20.00
i've been wanting to try a cheek stain for forever, but tarte's is too expensive for me. powder blushes don't stay long on my dry cheeks. i'm afraid that this is going to not work since it's cheap(er)!

JK Jemma Kidd Stain/Flush/Blush Makeup Concentrate in Masquerade $17.00
i'm not sure if this will work for all of that, but it's worth a try, and it's the cheap

Jemma Kidd Lip ID Color-Adapt Lip Gloss $20.00
just like the smashbox o-gloss, but 2 bucks cheaper. i also wouldn't have to go to sephora to get it. i really want to try it out.