Thursday, May 28, 2009

under the pillow

these wedges are killing me! daddy, please come home soon! :]fanime was fun but tiring! i'm glad i experienced it, but gosh, some people need to take a shower!!!
my friend kha was kero from cardcaptor sakura! i just wore this sailor-ish top my sister got from a thriftstore.boypren+jasmine milk tea w/pudding= <3sat in the kareoke room for a bit and saw this guy. he sings japanese very well :] but it's weird haha
celebrated my friend's 19th birthday. the dress code was "cocktail dresses" but i had no idea what they were (shiny, short stuff? haha) and instead wore this but felt bad after seeing everyone all brightly dressed :[
her bday cake was so cute :]
i thought this was so funny:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

get it on

had the jist of this song stuck in my head and had to find it out!!! 90s.....great times.

i've been having the urge to go to savers and finally did today. woo.
got a nice slouchy top and boots.
the boots are pretty much the same boots i got from savers before except it has a higher heel. good thing because i was looking for booties :]last final tomorrow...woo. time for boredom.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

looking through rose colored glasses

cheescake good.
had this baby once again:
it's fun to go to a more fancier restaurant than the usual fast food place on a whim :]
these AmericanEagle shorts are veerrryyy short, but very comfortable plus elastic enough to tuck in shirts easily :]walked around the mall to pick up my last paycheck from AE and picked up a few accessories. (cheapie!!! bag:f21 $4.99, glasses:wetseal $3) saw a couple of very cute skirts and dresses but decided not to get them. my thinking nowadays about buying clothing is: "do i really need this?" asking myself that usually makes me not buy it. plus the return policy (no refund. exchange or store credit only) is such a bitch.
gifts in magazines are so enticing!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


broke my sunglasses. tear tear. never to put sunglasses in bag with tons of stuff :[ (or maybe get more durable sunglasses. time to go shopping!!!)never underestimate the power of texting. changed plan to 1000 message with new phone...i am halfway through and this month's cycle has only been 5 days. time to activate "Block chargeable messages" or get $20 unlimited. but damn. $20 a month on top of the $80? time to get a job.
super excited for...FANIME!!! YEEEEEE

Friday, May 8, 2009

sore loser

i am a fucking sore loser.
people who outbid should FUCKING DIE.
yes, overreacting. (sorry sorry)my craze for VIVI magazine has started to come back due to some loving inspiration:
saw a really good deal on ebay for a lot of 6 of them from this year and told the boypren to bid on it because i dont have a credit card. 28 seconds to the end of the bid, i saw that someone bid on it. it looked like the boyprens username (why the fuck do they only show like the middle letters?) and asked if he just bid. he said yeah and i was all happiness and glee that i won. but then later he tells me that he got outbid.
yes, i'm overreacting, but i'm just a sore loser. i thought for sure i was going to get it bc i checked it constantly and no one else bid on it. my crappy day added to the despair as well. tear tear.
it's okay though. i can still pay $18 to buy the magazine every month or download the scans.
anyway, the only bright news of the day that wasn't all it was hyped up to be:
new phone...woo. (i'm so behind on technology)
now time to stare at pictures of food because i am hungry and that is what i do when im hungry:
how do you know when a latte is sweet or bitter? at starbucks, their lattes are usually sweet, but got a caramel latte from peet's and it was bitter :[ tear tear.i say KC because it's easier and shorter than "Charmaine" :D
oh yeah, and close up for denise!
got them from urbanoutfitters a while back :]

Sunday, May 3, 2009

in or out? in AND out!

Food first:
I love these cracker sandwiches. Salty cheese crackers with creamy sweet peanut butter?! delicious!
In-n-Out Neapolitan shake!!! mmm :]finally went shopping after getting a SWEET paycheck. i only got the straw fedora, white denim shorts, and flip flops from AE. so sad i didn't milk them more since i don't work there anymore. quit after getting a new manager. retail is not for me!!!
AE straw hat, UO top & shoes, h&m jeans...(whenever i go shopping and try the clothes again at home, i don't like it anymore. haha. that's how i feel about these pants)
went to the drive in last night. i'm glad there's one around here and that i can experience before they're all gone.
bad night pictures. shaky hands=bad pictures.
Wolverine was such a corny movie... :[short and sweet is always best :]
ordered this "dress" (it really is just a vintage slip) a really long time ago when my love for vintage started. it was really long (floorlength) and i bought it for prom but didn't wear it. i don't know why, but i started to cut it shorter and shorter and now here it is!