Monday, September 1, 2008

long beach

so glad to be home again! i couldn't go thrift shopping or go to the beach, but it was okay. typical trip to long beach: marukai and visiting relatives.
at Marukai:
my sis and i went straight for the beauty section. apparently, it's Savex over in Japan and Carmex over here. i wanted to get the hecka cute chapstick in the shape its flavor is, but it was so expensive! gah! next time...
japanese packaging is so cute and girly! even this wrapper makes sanitary napkins so luxurious!of course i had to get my Gokuri (grapefruit juice). so yummy! :D they didn't have any milk tea though. tear tear.
the udon was so yummy. just looking at this makes my mouth water and my tummy grumble.i want a shiba inu so bad!!! they're soooo cute!!!! gahhhhh!
hot car parked next to my auntie's yellow mustang. sigh...
after marukai we passed by the marukai 98 cents store! didn't find anything good, but...
fake louis vuitton fanny pack!!! haha.
cutest notebook ever! this doggy makes those puppies and kitties look bleh! i couldn't use it though, because its for kanji or whatever. at least my sister can use it for japanese loot. japanese candy, beauty supplies, face mask, and earpick...check. actually, the face mask and earpick are my sister's...weirdo.i regret getting this white peach flavor. bleh!!!
after that, it was visiting relatives for the rest of the day.
my uncle's doggy is obese...
also, scored some shades. they're a bit funny though.
i found this in a magazine. so cute!i had my e.l.f. package waiting for me when i got home. sweet. i really like the blush. so pretty! when i told my bestie, rima, she was so surprised because i never wear makeup. heehee.gah, what a long one. school to look forward to tomorrow with it's 92 degree weather.


Krissy said...

aw i want another puppy!

Nicole said...

I have relatives in Long Beach too. We love Marukai.