Tuesday, August 5, 2008

woo... got my jeans!

i finally got my jeans from walmart today! took so long! rawr!
it came in such a big box. haha.
the shipping was only $2.94 though, so i'm not complaining! also, it came with a ton of brown wrapping paper!yee. i can use it as gift wrap. i'm eco friendly. heehee.

so when i got my jeans, they were really tight. and i thought that size 3 wouldn't fit me! thank goodness they didn't have size 1 in stock. i guess that i'm size 3 in juniors. i've worn american eagle jeans for a long time and there i was size 0. ugh. sizes are weird.
yes, the jeans are very tight. i like the raw feeling they have. i'm going to wear these jeans out.


lalaliu said...

those jeans look so chic and a definite wardrobe staple. who knew walmart would have a fashion gem? I must check out their clothing the next time I go there for dog food :D

Farren said...

oooh. those jeans are gorgeous! =) from wal-mart no less! that's amazing. i love finding something that's wonderful and cheap! =)