Saturday, November 27, 2010

time to decorate

hand knit scarf, H&M sweater, Urban Outfitters jeggings, Zipia bag & combat boots

loving these boots! very comfy and perfect for the rain. walking in them is still awkward though : /.

we celebrated our birthdays last night eating sushi and watching "tangled"

what i wore:
thrifted sweater, Urban Outfitters jeggings, Zipia bag & ankle boots

received this gift from my cute friend Jimilyn! : ] Thank you Jimilyn!

Friday, November 26, 2010

gobble gobble gobble

My Thanksgiving lunch yesterday : ] We had honey baked ham, chicken, mashed potatoes, and a delicious seafood stew made by my Auntie. I got so full but kept on eating -__-.

Received the Zipia order/haul today! It's crazy how quick it came! We ordered it on Sunday, it shipped on Wednesday, and I received it today which is Friday! I feel an addiction coming on...

Style 1510 $33
zipia 5
zipia 6
I wasn't totally in love with these boots when I ordered them. I got them because I wanted boots and since the shaft hits the ankle, thought it would be perfect for my muscular legs. Turns out, I really like these boots, especially with skinny black jeggings! I also like the material of these boots. Even though it's faux, it's still good quality.

vintage casual walker $32
zipia 7
I've been wanting combat boots for awhile and I'm so glad I got these! I found these combat boots on ebay and even though the price was good, I didn't want to wait a month to get them. I found these boots on Zipia and at first it was $25 (^_^ such a good deal right?!) but then they raised the price to $32 which is still pretty good but rawr compared to the first price. Still, I'm so happy to have these boots! They're comfortable, but I need to get used to not being able to move my ankles much : /.

My Zipia shoez collection is growing! : ]

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Birthday--The Beatles



finally learned how to make a big bun : ]

and ordered again from! they're having 55% off orders over $25 for Cyber Monday : ].

Saturday, November 20, 2010

music feelings

Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal trench coat & jeans, H&M sweater, thrifted bass shoes, Zipia bag

i feel like inspector gadget with this trench coat on lol! it was cold and rainy throughout the day and especially at night with lightning! ordered 2 items from Zipia. i hope everything goes well!

zipia 5
zipia 6
zipia 7

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


American Eagle jean jacket, H&M sweater, Urban Outfitters jeans, Zipia wedges

received my jean jacket from AE today that i got with my gift card! i wore it out for a bit and i was nice and warm : ]


purchased the duo brush set from CVS and so far, i love it! i initially bought it to use the foundation brush for the Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse foundation i bought recently. all the brushes are soft and haven't shed that much so far. i especially love the blending and eye shadow brush. the blending side is big but i love how it's easy to do windshield wiper motions. the angle of the eye shadow side makes applying shadow to the outer V much easier especially for asian eyes.

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse in Classic Ivory (left) and Natural Beige (right)

found out that the classic ivory shade was definitely too light after using the foundation brush. got the shade natural beige and it's much more better!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

chai with coconut milk

Forever 21 cardigan & skirt, thrifted top & bass shoes, Daiso socks, Zipia bag

tried to make chai with coconut milk. it's not as good or thick as the one i had at the green fest, but it's still good!


Riteaid is having 40% off Maybelline products this week so i got the Full n Soft Waterproof mascara and Dream Smooth Mousse in Classic Ivory. i also got a $2 off coupon yay!

i wanted to try out the Dream Smooth Mousse and they didn't have the color i was looking for which was Natural Beige. Classic Ivory is a bit too light for me, but this foundation blends in so easily that i don't really care. i definitely want to buy a regular foundation brush to use with this because i feel like my stippling brush is taking too much product. we'll see how the full n soft mascara goes!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

green again


went to the Green Festival in San Francisco on Sunday and got freebies, nibbled on samples, drank a hot chai with coconut milk (SO good!) from the same vendor as last years, and discovered new things! also suffered a sugar crash becoming grouchy and tired. also witnessed a girl throwing up on bart who went to the Raiders game.

Friday, November 5, 2010


had a good halloween this year! was a vampire/goth on friday. i wore a thrifted slinky velvet dress. didn't wear the vampire teeth, they were too big : [! on sunday night, became a skeleton and got the last messed up pumpkin at nob hill.

i think i've found my birthday outfit!:
gotta love the 50% off sale sale at Urban Outfitters. the flats were on sale for $19.99 but it didn't have a tag on it so the person entered the sale at $9.99 and took another 50% off. YES! i also love their reusable bags!

yes! my second time getting this!