Wednesday, August 20, 2008

No Communication

People these days don't have very good communication skills. It's not just with the boyfriend. I've also noticed it with the girlfriends too. It's really sad. If only people communicated what they thought or felt, the world would be better a place with not that much problems. Yeah, I just gotta say that.
anyway, enough with my problems. today wasn't a great day. took the light rail to sjsu to find classes, eat la vics, and pick up my books.
ah, soon to be walking the streets of downtown san jose...
and the hallways of the various buildings. it'll be weird for me since my high school never had hallways. everything was outside. thank/hate california weather.
i wanted to climb this tree :Dand steal this cruiser bike. i want a cruiser bike!
went to the library, top floor, got library card (woo). got books. heavy. 6 books, none hardcover, but very heavy. by the time i reached the g mall, but feet were blister filled and my arms were tired.recharged with a strawberry water. economy sucks or starbucks is just screwing us. used to get this a lot at the starbucks near school. only 40 CENTS. starbucks at the g mall: $3.20. damn. that's okay. after that, got ditched by people and then dissed by the bf. i was already mad, but that just made me pissed. had to do some shopping.
H&M my savior! but they copy AmericanApparel a lot. examples:
just like my aa two tone dress. rawr!!! this one was only $24.90 with thicker material and a tank top styled top half. too long for my taste.
the good thing about being petite and/or having a short torso is that we can pull off wearing long tops as dresses. sheer white t-shirt dress: $7.90. woo!i'm really blind. in the store it looked black, but at home it was a dark brown. tear tear. finally got a "black" turtleneck though!yay, i got the bag i wanted last time i was there, but couldn't get because the bro bought everything. also found a cute long beanie. i like the masculinity of it. found flats. woo. ate a honeydew popsicle because i was fucking angry, sweaty, and dirty. booyah. going to the car, i saw the bf's car and wrote FUCK you on the back but changed it to I heart you and put my signature cat. haha.


emily said...

i love the white dress and i love cruiser bikes too!

Wendy said...

Like Emily, I like the white dress too, its really simple casual.

Anonymous said...

san jose has never looked so pretty... great photos!

jessica ann said...

aww you go to sjsu?! i went to the event center there in april for a show, it's huge! and yes, i wear heels a lot, even to school. the key is buying pairs that you can actually stand in for hours (there are some, i promise) but i love heels too much anyways and ignore the pain, haha. xo