Monday, August 25, 2008

The First Day of School SUCKS!

all of my first days of school have been bad.
this year wasn't any different.
took pictures because i was oh so bored.
the day was very sucky. late to both classes, sweaty from the heat, bothered by all the people, walking everywhere, long lines, etc.
and i hate these shoes! these cute, black patent flats! my feet were sweaty and aching the whole day. when i checked the damage, i found two blisters and many red spots. tear tear. poor feet! now i have to wear flip flops for the rest of the week for my feet to heal!
OMG ew, as i was waiting in line to pay the rest of my fees, a girl in those trendy knit dresses passed by and her neon green thong was showing through her yellow dress! gross! the guy behind me said something and i turned around and asked him if he saw that. our eyes have been blinded! didn't that girl look in the mirror or was that the look she was going for?!
anyways, another sucky day to look forward to tomorrow. this time i'm wearing a dress and comfy flip flops! all i can do now is eat my sorrows in baked chocolate chip cookies.

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