Thursday, September 24, 2009

not done yet

hello there cute doggy!makes me wish i had a doggy. wah.
nothing much has been going on lately.
school is bleh.
i was supposed to finish this book by today for my fantasy science fiction class, but didn't! i'm glad i didn't because it started to get into religion, cults, and group sex towards the end. (-_-)
in better news, i recently got two lipsticks which i like, especially the pink one!
L: N.Y.C. Lipstick in Sheer Red R: Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Pink Please
i also received my free sample of EOS lip balm. it's weird (in that it's a sphere shape) but i like it! Plus, it's 95% food news...
IM OFFICALLY SICK OF SUSHI! but i'll still eat it when im hungry. lol.
attempted to make nigiri and philadelphia rolls:
this thing is delicious and easy to make!!! i ate too many and got a tummy ache!
peach cream puffs? idk
when will fall come? hopefully soon. in the meantime, i'll be dreaming about it and (window) shopping for boots.
charlotte russe

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

small world

been taking many sushi excursions due to the boypren's want of sake. looking forward to trying out all the sushi places around the area. i hope this obsession never ends :]
Philadelphia good...i want to try to make this at home :]!bread!!! i love it but it's getting dirty and looks ridiculous on a cell phone, so i took it off.brewing some sweet tea. nothing to drink at home other than water or coke. guh.
ugh when will the weather get cooler?! i want to wear this jacket!
recent (not recent anymore, a long time ago actually) goods:
h&m jacket & skirt, bag: gift from vietnam
fell in love again with rosebud salve. put it away when i got it bc the boypren said it reminded him of old people (-_-) but found it again. perfect for chapped lips. i also use it for dry spots on my face :/been having a nail polish obsession lately. currently wearing e.l.f. nail polish in nude. i love the color put it takes 5-6 coats to show up:mon favori color right now: revlon's mad about mango <3>

Saturday, September 5, 2009


what i've been up to lately:cutedamn you Victoria's Secret and your $88 vintage styled slip! you make me want to get a VS card.banana bread in the shape of a banana! so i wanted to try this out. not absorbing but better than a heavy towel that won't stay in place.<3went to oldnavy for the stuff and save event and got a few basics. the store had 40% off regular priced items and then there was an extra 20% off for cardholders. woo.
they had a lot of peasant style blouses. i got these sandals for $2.34. woo.headed up to berkeley this week to a geek infested party, thrift stores, and yummy cheap food.

i am in love with the thrift stores there. it's HEAVEN. or maybe hell since i didn't have any money.
lol. i wish i could have gotten this pill box hat:
vintage black boots galore!i imagined the boypren wearing this:very cute store with extremely helpful associates.
yummy jasmine lime iced tea cooler from Peets.had brunch at a homey place called ann's kitchen. it reminded me of Peanuts back at home, but a bit more expensive. nomnomnom!the "asian ghetto" or the less derogatory name: "litte asia". a bunch of food that's cheap.99 cents for a pearl drink?!La Fiesta..... i'll be back for your a la carte menu....going back home on BART. bored and dead hometown is so boring that we went to a highschool football game. so sad. it's like "wtf am i doing here?! i already graduated!!!"
drove through the hills. it was terryifying!!! but exciting :] what an adventure.the same old view of the same old mtown.