Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tea Ren's Tea Time

Another Tapioca run today. i was extremely thirsty and there wasn't anything to drink except water, milk, and soda. i'm getting tired of tapioca after going there a couple times a week the whole summer, so instead, i got my usual at Tea Ren, the Passionfruit Green Tea Milk Tea (with pearls of course :D)so yummy! :)
it makes my throat all itchy though. :D
well, with the week almost over, there is only one week left before school starts. i just realized today that i could go back to school shopping. weird. on my (wish) list:
i think these flats would be best. the price isn't bad and it's simple. my flats are all worn out and torn. :( makes me sad. i definitely need flats.
-black skirt:
i'm STILL looking at this skirt from Urbanoutfitters. i listed the reasons for this skirt than the one from aa in an earlier post. uo also has a not high waisted version for only $24, but i think this would be more versatle.
-big ass bag.
i haven't seen any that i like online. i need to get out of the house and shop!
and yeah, i think that's all i pretty much need.


LaCouturier said...

omg tea with pearls = THE BEST =)
you shud def invest in those flats! they're a basic! & that skirt is lovely!

please check out my blog,! =)

jessica ann said...

Those flats look incredibly comfy! Also- check for big bags at thrift stores! they always seem to have a ton for a good price :) xo