Saturday, August 2, 2008

the downfalls of thrifting

my past thrifting trips have come up with bad results. i don't know why i bought these things. now i'm stuck with them. it's time to clean out my closet and send all my old clothes back to goodwill/savers.

item 1: top from Crossroads
i don't know why i got this top. maybe because of the japanese tag? haha. it's too girly for me and a bit itchy...

item 2: vest from South Street Thrift Center
i don't know why i got this vest. i liked the color and texture i guess. i'm not a fan of vests.

item 3: pleated dress from Savers
i thought that it would be cute with a belt, but when i tried it on in the store, i didn't try it on with a belt, so when i got home it didn't turn out so well. always bring a belt with you when trying out stuff.

item 4: red dress from online vintage store
i totally killed this dress. it was too long for me (it went up to my knees) so i decided to cut it off. i cut it too short. tear tear. this dress was pretty cool though. i liked the belt and it had pockets!!! i love pockets...

item 5: polka dot top from Savers
this top was cute for $1.99... and it has a cute sash (worn as a belt), but it's not working for me :(

item 6: red dress from Savers
it had a 70s look to it, but on me it just looked bleh.

i did find some treasures though!
i regret some things. one thing that i regret is cutting this beautiful dress!!! it was longer than floor length when i bought this dress from Vintage Amore. i planned to wear it for prom, but it was very sheer.

i really like this dress. it's short and flirty, but the shoulders are a bit weird.

i wore this dress a lot to school during my sophomore year. it was very breezy.


Shen-Shen said...

I'm loving all your finds! I need to find a thrift store near me...

lalaliu said...

theres some cute things that have potential! maybe if you hide them and then refind them a year later you'll fall in love with these clothes over again! haha or maybe thats just my excuse for being a pack rat :P