Tuesday, August 26, 2008

sunday night oldies

the only things that consoles me...sunday night oldies and food.
today was another bad day. tear tear so sad.
this camera really sucks.
tank top, slip, and bag: H&M; belt: thrifted
this picture does not justify the humungoness of my bag.

college is a freaking continuation of high school. today was another big reunion day.
i was actually looking forward to my film art class, but it was boring as hell.
i'm such a loser for crying on the light rail alone. so sad.
i took out my sorrows on this:
who knew that chocolate chips and dr.pepper could taste so good?

guh, school to not look forward to tomorrow.


Miranda said...

awww i'm sorry to hear you've had 2 bad days in a row. i'm sure it will get better!

Richel said...

chocolate chips and dr. peopper? Wow!

Jenny H. said...

ahhh im sorry that you had a bad day :(
stay strong! school will get better....

at least you were wearing a cute outfit. think how much life must suck for people who have bad days and bad outfits. gahh.