Thursday, July 31, 2008

the mall

here's what i wore going to the mall...

cardigan: American Eagle
tank top: H&M
leggings: Forever21
shoes: Loehmann's

we had crepes. the blueberry and cream cheese one was sooo good. it was warm. mmmm...
after that, we spent a very long time at Daiso. it's hard not to. there's so much stuff there. it gives me a headache just looking around at all the stuff. there was one section filled with masks and such. it was fun looking at.

PARTY ranger! hahaha. i wanted to get the doggy nose and mask, but i wouldn't wear it anywhere. man, they make me want to buy things i don't need. i did get two things though.

japanese grape gummy (always!!!) and over the knee socks for $3
here's my PINKY inspired outfit:

cardigan: handmedown from auntie
tank top: H&M
dress: Forever21
socks: Daiso
shoes: BCBGirls

after the first mall, we went to another mall more closer to home. i regret it. i freaking saw at least 8 people from high school. ugh!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


i hate it when people call Target, tarjay. wtf?! are they trying to be cool, thinking it's french or something? i have no idea how that came about.

anyway... i like these flats from their Converse One collection.

also, speaking of Target, the Richard Chai collection for GO International is coming up in 3 days... woo. i want to check out the cardigan and skirts.

fred flare

fred flare is a really cool website offering all these quirky things. it's fun to look at. some of my picks:

sweetheart bustier dress $60

this dress is so chic. it has pockets too! yay for pockets!
pairing it with...

Jackie O sunglasses $10 & forget me knot ring $50

the Jackie O's are refreshing to see out of all of the raybans and the ring is classic and sweet, but for $50?! i'd rather get a piece of string and paint it.... hey. that's not a bad idea.
anyway, i would be calling with...

the fred cell phone receiver $24
i think that it would be hilarious to bust this out while out in public. it would be funny to see all the stares.
plus, i would be carrying it in...

Mr. Moustache tote $24
it's so cute!!!

criss-cross metallic wallet $12.99

i've been looking for a wallet that has a ton of compartment space and this is perfect!!! i'm not a very flourescent person, but i think that it'll add a lil something.

Beard Papa

i love Beard Papa's cream puffs... they're soooo good.

mmm... vanilla, chocolate, and vanilla and chocolate eclair cream puffs!!!
San Francisco was the only place close enough to get these, but it's an hour anyway, so i would always get some when i was in the city. Thank goodness they opened one in Cupertino. My sister can get me some after school. yeeeee.

these babies are dangerous though! i put it in my mouth and inhaled and coughed on the powdered sugar...haha. :)

i'm cutting my split ends again

this is what i wore yesterday going with my mom to the salon for a pedicure. it was pretty boring. savers was across the street, but i didn't bother to look because i had no money. boo hoo.

cardigan: Americanapparel
dress: Forever21
flats: Payless

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i need more japanese magazines

i like to read japanese magazines. they're big and shiny and filled with all these crazy things! my favorite would be PINKY but i like ZIPPER too. (ZIPPER is too crazy for me, but fun to look at)

(sorry about the pictures... i don't have a scanner so taking pictures will have to do)

From PINKY!!!

i love this girl. she's my favorite out of the PINKY models. her name is Coco Kinoshita.

mix and match! i've always wanted to try that to see what outfits i could come up with, but i don't think i have all the items listed or something close to it OR i'm just to lazy to even try it. haha.

they have step by step for doing makeup. i find that helpful for people like me! :)

Now for ZIPPER...

their fashion style is definitely different. it's offhand and crazy, with different prints and lots of layering with big, loose items. i didn't really take pictures (because i was lazy), but there's something about these two girls i don't like.

i'm not sure why i cringe at the girl at the top, but i just do. looking at her makes me "UH!!!" haha. and i really don't like the girl on the bottom. her face disturbs me.

i think it's the shaved off bleached blonde eyebrows that are growing out added with the clumpy on purpose mascara and that grin. ugh! i've noticed that shaved off bleached blonde eyebrows are popular... i don't know the reason why. i want to find out.


today is an especially boring day after yesterday's escapade. :)
here are just some random things i'm thinking about...
this picture reminds me a lot of my bf: eyebrows, gauntness, and guitar playing. makes me smile. :)
i'm addicted to this candy right now. it's so yummy...the grapey goodness. yum. and in the middle, there's a grape gummy!!! ahhhhh. i can't eat too much of it at a time though. it cuts up my mouth and makes it taste all bloody. :D i like.i love the thai tea from tapioca and wanted to try this from ocean market. bad idea... doesn't taste as good...

basil is yummy. the smell is so "oooommmm" i'm glad i have a basil plant in the backyard.
here is a profile picture of my chicken. her name is 'adobo'. adobo is a filipino dish that can be made with chicken...yeah. i don't call her adobo though. i affectionaly call her chicken.

her eggs. we didn't build a nest for her... so she just jumped into the recycling bin and started to lay her eggs there. i'm too scared to eat them.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Lover

i loved this movie. i don't really know how to describe it, but it was erotic in a sweet and sad way :) i read the book after seeing the movie and after reading it straight for a couple hours, i feel in love with it even more.
jane march is so beautiful in the film. her style is simple, but classic.
as the young girl, her main outfit going out consisted of a baron hat (from her father, how chic), a simple thin grey frock, a loosely tied belt, and very fancy shoes. complete with red lipstick and braided locks, she looked amazing standing there on the boat (no wonder the chinaman, played by tony leung ka fai, took an eye to her).
i was really inspired by the outfit and even thought of buying a hat, but right when i thought that, fedoras, porkpies, etc. start to become trendy. dammit.
sigh....i love movies.

lei at walmart

just ordered jeans from walmart. haha. i hope they're okay. i've been looking for new dark wash skinny jeans. mine are way too light and distressed. there's a humungo hole near the crotch!!! these were only $20...might as well give them a try. i'm unsure about the size though. they didn't have 1 left so i got a 3...ugh. the suspense.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


i finally had a group interview at American Eagle today. three weeks ago, i went sunday morning at 9am and they cancelled it. the next sunday at 9am, they were having their store meeting. i didn't go the next sunday, because i didn't know if they would have another group interview so finally, i went to this one. each time i went, i wore all american eagle clothing (except for the shoes). here's what i wore this time:
grey tanktop, yellow top, camel cardigan, jeans... ALL AMERICAN EAGLE...except the shoes.
there were a couple of people there which made me nervous because i would have to stand out of all of these people to get a job! there were also lowerclassmen from high school there. ugh. they don't need a job!!! they're not going to college! plus i'm older! rawr!
so i was part of the first group to go in and i saw my friend working there. i was happy, but nervous at the same time. the guy asked the typical questions. it was nerve wracking trying to come up with the best answer. two really stood out of the group because they had such good answers! ugh! they were talkative too.
i think i did okay...i could have done better. now i just have to wait. i heard monday for a call back. don't know whether it's tomorrow or next monday. probably next monday. ugh. the suspense. now i just have to hear from my friend on how bad it was. :(

mischa mischa mischa

i really like this look from mischa barton
my sad attempt at recreating it:

top: Forever21 $19.80
skirt: Americanapparel $34
shoes: Oldnavy $34.50

also saw her in nylon:

i love the whole look it's going for, especially the mod makeup. only problem is, is that i read the article and didn't really like it. sort of boring, like "oh, look at my life. whee" doesn't make me like her any bit more, kinda makes me dislike her. oh well.