Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Friday

worked black friday from 8:30am to 5pm. guh! but looked forward to my night out with the girls :D
we were all together again! yay! we ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown san jose. it was soooo good. i was especially hungry since all i ate that day was a bite of apple pie, a pumpkin spice latte, and a slice of pumpkin loaf. haha. didn't take a picture because i attacked it :Dbleated birthdays!afterwards, we talked to the ice rink and went skating!haha i love this picture. those girls are funny.
i borrowed my sister's coat from h&m. the buffalo check scarf i got for free for working that day!
we got to teresa's house around 1 where they played Made of Honor which i immediately fell alseep to. haha. i was so tired. the next day, rima and i ate our birthday cake.i miss those girls already. i have to wait till christmas break to see them again! can't wait!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

yay thanksgiving

went to visit my auntie and uncle in san francisco for thanksgiving. no turkey, but yummy prime rib and chicken, etc.
where's the food?!?!
i saved room for dessert :Dpeek a bootook a nap after eating. so sleepy and full. haha.cardigan: h&m
top, skirt underneath, & sweater tights: forever21 (the tag on the tights said black knee high socks which i wanted, but they were actually sweater tights. rawr! made me mad, but i needed tights anyway and they're sorta warm :D)
shoes: savers
the views are beautiful! my auntie and uncle don't actually own the place, they're just watching over it. see all the pretty houses? it's a pretty rich neighborhood.
so now i'm at home eating the leftovers. guh. kinda bummed i can't join the black friday festivities. my paycheck won't come till 12 noon. tear tear. i guess i'll be at home eating more leftovers.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

yee thai food!

vests and boots yet again...can't get enough :]vest: h&m
shirt: loehmanns
jeans: walmart
boots: oldnavy
went to a thai restaurant called "House of Siam" for lunch today. it was a late bday dinner with my college girls :]
ANGRY chicken or beef?! why is it angry?!i wanted to sit there... :[ looks fun
yum!!! yellow curry chicken...........:p

Sunday, November 23, 2008


finally 18! too bad i can't do anything 18 year olds can do like:
buy cigarettes, buy lotto tickets, go clubbing, go to a stripper club, go to a sex shop, go to a hookah lounge, etc...
just because i don't have my drivers license yet. boo. i just noticed that all the things 18 year olds can do are terrible and bad. :[
anyway, didn't do much. just had a lunch of chinese food and a dinner of the leftovers. haha :D
guh corny pictures.
my mom got me an ice cream cake. i thought it was so weird bc i'm not a kid anymore. :/ it was delish though, coffee almond fudge. yum.
on thursday, my boypren brought me to Yoshi's in Oakland to see the McCoy Tyner Trio with Marc Ribot for my bday. (we're okay now, thank gosh. it was all my fault with my crazy ass mood swings) it was fun.
blazer: savers (without shoulder pads and drycleaned!!! yay!!!)
top and skirt: forever21 (i just bought it that day too. haha sad. the top was $4.99 and the skirt was one of their Fabulous Finds at $7.50 i think...score.)
i got another Beatles record for my bday. last year he got me the Meet the Beatles record. <3

Saturday, November 15, 2008


shopped at savers, ate at an indian restaurant, and watched quantum of solace last night.
fun night :D
what is this supposed to mean?!
mmm....basmati rice, chicken curry, and naan... the naan was my favorite. it was warm and yeasty. the masala tea was yummy too. :Dmy sister was sleeping in my bed and i was looking at her :D
savers was fun! so glad i can go thrifting with the boypren.
we actually went on thursday, but didn't buy anything because we were tired. went again last night and i picked up a blazer and a cute black rain jacket. both were $6, but i have to remove the shoulder pads and dry clean this blazer so + $15. not that bad.
edit: $4.95 for dry cleaning the blazer and $10 for removing the shoulder pads. guh shoulder pads!

the moon

the moon was out, so decided to try taking pictures of it, but my camera is not good enough.

Monday, November 10, 2008

yok yok

got ready for my first class but felt too depressed to go. rather go school tomorrow what to do?
this surprisingly made me happy: (have no idea about the collage. i only wanted the song :D)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

someone stole my newspaper!!!

i hate it when people do that. like, seriously. come on! and they stole the ads half, not the actual newspaper!
anyway, had a district meeting for American Eagle this morning. my first day was very tiring even though i only worked for 2 hours, but i'm excited to work again :D
shirt: loehmann's
vest: h&m
skirt: savers
socks: daiso
boots: oldnavy
i used a tripod. now i need to fix my lighting -_-
i also need to stop wearing vests and boots -_-

Saturday, November 8, 2008


this song came up on the radio driving back home this rainy evening.
just perfect.

it brings back memories of junior prom, driving the curvy roads to half moon bay, full moon out, the smell of pine trees, and dark side of the moon playing over and over again.
also reminds me of the pink floyd laser show i saw. haha :D
anyway, today was my friend's 18th, which to filipinos, is a big deal. girls turning 18 usually have a big party called a debut. i'm kinda glad i'm not having one :D
heehee. i think it's funny how my mom is looking at me with a "is she pregnant?" look. that shirt does make me look pregnant though. :(my sister cannot take pictures. she said that she would get me a tripod and then my brother said he had a tripod this whole time. guh. well at least i can (try) to use that now.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

in love with

vests and boots!!!vest & shirt: sjp steve&barrys
shorts: forever21
boots: oldnavy

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

why wait any longer for the one you love

the camera on my phone sucks, but at least it's there to take random photos :Dtired.
vest: h&m
sweater: gap
top: savers

Monday, November 3, 2008

boo halloween

i've been waiting for other people's pictures from halloween, but SOME people don't want them up because it'll ruin their image.
so my halloween was a sucky one. it was nice to be in berkeley though.
i don't know what the hell my costume is. i say "swedish maid", but on the package it says "heidi-ho". great.
the great thing about being on the 6th floor is being able to yell out "hooker" to all the sluts walking outside :D
so yeah, my night was really sucky due to the fact that i had to watch over two drunk girls the whole night. not fun. i realized that partying is not for me. seeing all those people grinding eachother just disgusts me. i was especially mad at my friends because they were dancing dirty with soooo many guys. i can't act like a slut, sorry.
i felt like such a grouchy senior citizen :D and being blinded by three naked guys running around the street at night while it was raining didn't help either.
only happy because the night was over and i would be able to take a nice long shower
beanie: h&m
i <3