Saturday, May 22, 2010

more makeup

on a makeup rush...the boypren is not going to like this : [
got mac's nuance after seeing a very pretty picture of it online. it's a pretty peachy-pink. also got a free gift because the seller shipped it out after a few days. so considerate! i would never have thought of purple lip gloss, but i actually like it!
wearing the blush and both lip glosses!
cardigan & sneakers: urbanoutfitters, top: thrifted, jeans: forever21

also got another pair of my favorite sneakers in the whole wide world (>_<)! my old ones had a hole and the water was soaking through it
checked out Beauty 360 at my nearest CVS and i'm in love! it's like a Sephora with a lot of unknown beauty brands and excellent customer service! i never get greeted or helped at all at Sephora. got an angled blush brush for contouring and this Jack Black lip balm. it smells like lemon starbursts and has spf 25 : ] my rosebud salve hasn't been cutting it.
finally bought mac's peachstock on a whim after wanting it for awhile but convincing myself not to get it. i'm glad i got it because it's great and the packaging is so cute : ]. it is similar to the wet n wild lipstick i posted before, but it's more pink and applies waaaayyy better.
and here's how OPI's Coney Island Cotton Candy looks like with 4 coats. not as nude as i hope it would be, but it's still nice : ]

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

gee, i'm on a roll here

blogging on my new laptop, thus the influx of posts. yay for having own computer and not having to use the family desktop! : ]went nail polish shopping yesterday and i'm very very happy because of it. my friend told me that there was this place that sold super cheap nail polishes, so i had to check it out. i couldn't believe it was true: $4 for OPIs, $2.75 for China Glazes, and $3 for Essies OMG! they're normally $6-8 each so it was such a good deal! now i need a nail polish rack for my growing collection : ]
OPI's Panda-Monium Pink, What's With the Cattitude? (from the Shrek Forever After collection :]), and Coney Island Cotton Candy
Essie's Fed Up, Tart Deco, and Mint Candy Apple
China Glaze's Peachy Keen from the Up & Away Collection
China Glaze's Re-Fresh Mint might look similar to Essie's Mint Candy Apple, but the Essie one has a bluer hue.
holding Essie's Mint Candy Apple and wearing China Glaze's Re-Fresh Mint

strawberry head!

been wearing green lately...
jacket: urbanoutfitters, top: oldnavy
jackets & umbrella: h&m, jeggings: urbanoutfitters, boots: target
wanted to try another way of curling hair without using heat so decided to try out these strawberry curlers!!!
heehee strawberry head. i bought them from this seller on ebay because it was the cheapest (*cheapo heehee). they do work. the day after i slept with them on, i had very curly hair. i didn't have a good night's sleep though. i also think that my hair doesn't hold curls well without heat. either way, i think it's better than frying my hair : ]

getting this out of the way...

i was eyeing the new lipsticks from wet n wild awhile back and finally bought them because they were bogo half off and because someone on youtube said 900 was a dupe for mac's peachstock. i'm glad these were cheap ($2.99) because they suck! they are not creamy at all, compared to the raving other people have said about them. they're hard to apply, are hard to blend, and just bad in general. my nyx lipsticks are heaven compared to these! and they were cheaper! rawr! i just wish the 900BP worked because the color is a pretty peachy nude.
left: 900BP, right: 903C

Friday, May 14, 2010

something to do

sunglasses: forever21, jacket: urbanoutfitters, dress: yesstyle
went to a local art and wine festival this past weekend. i think that's all i'm going to do this summer. it's kinda nice : ] walked by the food stands 5 times trying to decide what to eat.

yay finally got my order from 23stien of the exhausted ettiquette via etsy. it took a month to get it, but it's finally here. plus, she included a cute black bow barrette and a pin. now i don't know what to do with the baby blue maxi dress. i was planning to get it hemmed, but it's too beautiful long! hmm maybe it'll be one of those pieces one just stares at in their closet : /

Saturday, May 1, 2010

yay new music to listen to instead of the same old in my ipod!
cardigan: american apparel, dress: yesstyle, tights: target
bought this dress from and got it within a week! crazy since it's from overseas. stupid me wore it on a windy day, so i think i flashed some people with my striped blue underwear T_T