Monday, April 26, 2010

cheesy horny green thumb

dress: shopitover, flats: urbanoutfitters
went to a garden event in san jose on saturday. learned a few things and got a lot of freebies : ]

my sis got a biostack composter. it was fun shoveling the compost into it.
this i-don't-know-what freaked the heck out of me. just looking at it now gives me the creeps.

dress(or tunic?): target, bag: f21
went to the cherry blossom festival in cupertino on sunday (there were no cherry blossoms). it was ho hum. walked around, ate tempera, stared at shiba inus, and left.
poor horsies or ponies:
nomnom froyo from yogurtland. i think yogurtland has the best froyo out of the bajillion froyos around here. green tea, taro, and mango?! omg heaven. cheese horns are up there too.
received the mac hello kitty beauty powder in fun & games in the mail today. it's so pretty! in the picture it looks dark brown, but it's a pretty pink coral color with shimmer.
wearing the blush:

Sunday, April 18, 2010

simple & granny

cardigan: americanapparel, top: thrifted, shorts & bag: forever21, tights & shoes: target
this outfit feels too granny...

top & jeans: forever21, wedges: urbanoutfitters
ate out with my mom and sis to celebrate my brother's 22nd birthday. yes, the celebrant didn't go but we ate out anyway.

found out that one of the asian grocery markets near home carries japanese makeup and stuff! love. i never get sick of you and want you all the time...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

the bathroom smelled like calamari

got this white eyelet dress from Miss. Wendy of Hand it Over via her blog shop. the spring weather is inspiring me. i'm sad i can't pull off the socks with sandals look though. my legs are too muscular for it n'est-ce pas? pin curls! unfortunately, it didn't turn out right this morning because the bobby pins left marks. i don't want to be using heat tools all the time though.goodies from vancouver, canada via the boypren. i already have this vivi, but it's a different version (not sure which) so it has additions. also got an eyebrow pencil by marcelle. this color is perfect for my brows. i'm loving the full brow look. it's so young and fresh!and finally, making some amigurumi dolls.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

it was a good day

had a really good thrifting day this past wednesday. got all of this for under $20!
-blazer, two tops, and pants (to be made into high waisted shorts): under $10 (gotta love wednesdays at the salvation army: 50% off clothing and no sales tax!)
-boater hat at savers: $2
-nine west wedges: $7.50 (didn't expect the 50% off shoes at goodwill)

you can eat out cheap and still be full! ate at the cheesecake factory and got this wild mushroon pizzette for a total of $5.41. it is small (like the size of the bread basket), but i got full off of this and eating all the bread : ]
lol look at this couple. they put two tables together. geez talk about personal space.