Saturday, August 16, 2008

Smiling at the Gates of Hell

At the Gates of Hell in the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford last year in August.
It's funny how i can't get out as much the more i get older. sad.
anyway, went to old navy yesterday to get those flats. i was about to buy it online, but decided just to go because i didn't want to pay the $7 s&h.
thank goodness i went!
they didn't have black, but they had the same style and when i tried it on, it felt really hard! it was stiff and not as comfortable as i thought it would be. tear tear. i tried on their other flats, but they weren't comfortable or pretty as i saw them online.
i did see some things i liked, like a pair of pumps and a bag, but they were around $30 or more each... i guess i'll wait till they get on clearance.
speaking of clearance, damn. it was so messy. things were just thrown on the shelves all disorganized. old navy's standards have gone down.
but i guess i'm just bitter that they didn't hire me.
:F haha. oh well.
today wasn't any good either. went to Loehmann's but their shoe collection featured the sizes 9 and 10 only. even went to Ross, but it wasn't good there either.
gah! bad shopping day. will i ever find a good pair of flats?
i'm not giving up though! with a week left until school starts, i'm going to hit the thrift stores. i found a good one while searching on yelp, so i gotta check that one out.

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lalaliu said...

ooo! I went there before!! how deja vu. lol. ahh, its okay if you have a bad shopping day, that just means it will be GREAT the next time! I've linked you up :D