Thursday, July 31, 2008

the mall

here's what i wore going to the mall...

cardigan: American Eagle
tank top: H&M
leggings: Forever21
shoes: Loehmann's

we had crepes. the blueberry and cream cheese one was sooo good. it was warm. mmmm...
after that, we spent a very long time at Daiso. it's hard not to. there's so much stuff there. it gives me a headache just looking around at all the stuff. there was one section filled with masks and such. it was fun looking at.

PARTY ranger! hahaha. i wanted to get the doggy nose and mask, but i wouldn't wear it anywhere. man, they make me want to buy things i don't need. i did get two things though.

japanese grape gummy (always!!!) and over the knee socks for $3
here's my PINKY inspired outfit:

cardigan: handmedown from auntie
tank top: H&M
dress: Forever21
socks: Daiso
shoes: BCBGirls

after the first mall, we went to another mall more closer to home. i regret it. i freaking saw at least 8 people from high school. ugh!

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