Friday, August 29, 2008

my poor chicken

i feel sorry for her in this heat!
anyway, i must leave her this weekend because i'm going to long beach! woo.
the funny thing is that it's cooler down there than over here. weird.
my mom told me to bring my driving permit. gah, she's going to make me drive! i don't want to! okay, highway 5 isn't that bad, it goes straight for forever, but still.
anyway, i'm glad that i'll be able to go to marukai to stock up on milk tea, grapefruit juice, grape gummies, and hawaiian chips.
hopefully i can go check out the thrift stores down there and finally i'll be able to wear my bathingsuit this whole summer!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

zipper legging

FREAKING HOT SHIT:aa is so smart to put a zipper through the whole length of the legging. i'm in love!!!
damn, it's hella kinky too. it reminds me of those pants you can just rip off. :O haha.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

geez loueezz!

doggy! :Dwooden chairs with desks attached to them make me feel like i'm in the high schools in the movies. too bad they're uncomfortable with no room to write.f21 clubmasters borrowed from the bf. these are my pervert glasses. i don't know why, but i always imagine a creepy guy wearing these glasses when checking out...people. haha.
today was so hot! i was sweating so much, i could feel it running down. guh!
bra: f21
tank top: old navy
jeans: lei/walmart
purple converse yay!
the ride back home on the bus was crazy. the driver was speeding, not dropping off people at the right spot, swerving lanes, and cutting off people. and he's driving a bus. a guy he cut off honked, cut the bus off, and then drove away with his middle finger out the window. scary. i guess i have to get used to it :'D

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

sunday night oldies

the only things that consoles me...sunday night oldies and food.
today was another bad day. tear tear so sad.
this camera really sucks.
tank top, slip, and bag: H&M; belt: thrifted
this picture does not justify the humungoness of my bag.

college is a freaking continuation of high school. today was another big reunion day.
i was actually looking forward to my film art class, but it was boring as hell.
i'm such a loser for crying on the light rail alone. so sad.
i took out my sorrows on this:
who knew that chocolate chips and dr.pepper could taste so good?

guh, school to not look forward to tomorrow.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The First Day of School SUCKS!

all of my first days of school have been bad.
this year wasn't any different.
took pictures because i was oh so bored.
the day was very sucky. late to both classes, sweaty from the heat, bothered by all the people, walking everywhere, long lines, etc.
and i hate these shoes! these cute, black patent flats! my feet were sweaty and aching the whole day. when i checked the damage, i found two blisters and many red spots. tear tear. poor feet! now i have to wear flip flops for the rest of the week for my feet to heal!
OMG ew, as i was waiting in line to pay the rest of my fees, a girl in those trendy knit dresses passed by and her neon green thong was showing through her yellow dress! gross! the guy behind me said something and i turned around and asked him if he saw that. our eyes have been blinded! didn't that girl look in the mirror or was that the look she was going for?!
anyways, another sucky day to look forward to tomorrow. this time i'm wearing a dress and comfy flip flops! all i can do now is eat my sorrows in baked chocolate chip cookies.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

sad cat

when depressed, the only good things to do are: eat, cry, clean, chop off hair, and SHOP.
out of all of those, i ate, cried, cleaned, and shopped.
shopping doesn't make me any happier though.
oh well.
at least i'll be happy when i get all my junk makeup that i'll never wear from eyeslipsface!
thank goodness school is on monday!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

No Communication

People these days don't have very good communication skills. It's not just with the boyfriend. I've also noticed it with the girlfriends too. It's really sad. If only people communicated what they thought or felt, the world would be better a place with not that much problems. Yeah, I just gotta say that.
anyway, enough with my problems. today wasn't a great day. took the light rail to sjsu to find classes, eat la vics, and pick up my books.
ah, soon to be walking the streets of downtown san jose...
and the hallways of the various buildings. it'll be weird for me since my high school never had hallways. everything was outside. thank/hate california weather.
i wanted to climb this tree :Dand steal this cruiser bike. i want a cruiser bike!
went to the library, top floor, got library card (woo). got books. heavy. 6 books, none hardcover, but very heavy. by the time i reached the g mall, but feet were blister filled and my arms were tired.recharged with a strawberry water. economy sucks or starbucks is just screwing us. used to get this a lot at the starbucks near school. only 40 CENTS. starbucks at the g mall: $3.20. damn. that's okay. after that, got ditched by people and then dissed by the bf. i was already mad, but that just made me pissed. had to do some shopping.
H&M my savior! but they copy AmericanApparel a lot. examples:
just like my aa two tone dress. rawr!!! this one was only $24.90 with thicker material and a tank top styled top half. too long for my taste.
the good thing about being petite and/or having a short torso is that we can pull off wearing long tops as dresses. sheer white t-shirt dress: $7.90. woo!i'm really blind. in the store it looked black, but at home it was a dark brown. tear tear. finally got a "black" turtleneck though!yay, i got the bag i wanted last time i was there, but couldn't get because the bro bought everything. also found a cute long beanie. i like the masculinity of it. found flats. woo. ate a honeydew popsicle because i was fucking angry, sweaty, and dirty. booyah. going to the car, i saw the bf's car and wrote FUCK you on the back but changed it to I heart you and put my signature cat. haha.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

GQ look

finally went to savers today! i wish i had more time there, but mom and sis were waiting.
found a long skirt with lovely pleating and a gold detail. sadly, it was too short to be a floor length dress and too long to be a cute dress. i could of worked with it, but i didn't "need" it. back to the hanger it went.
saw a very sexy lady...i wish i could of taken this hot chick home, but i knew my mom wouldn't buy it and i don't have any space. so, instead, i got:
black skirt. i need to hem and line it, but it was only $3.99. just a few dollars more to make it perfect.
i don't know why i like these shoes. they remind me of 80's pretty in pink.
and i love the men's shoe look it has with jeans. my GQ look!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Crazy For You

i have this song stuck in my head. i've been singing it all day in my sucky even though i'm a filipino voice.

anyway, went to the g mall. i was supposed to get stuff for school, but it ended up that my brother got stuff and i didn't even though he starts school in a month and i start next week. oh well.
mainly went to h&m and tried on the hats and bags. i fell in love with this porkpie hat, it was really cute, but too hipster for me. also fell in love with a bag. simple, big, leathery, and only $19.90! but didn't have enough money. boo hoo.
picked up h&m magazine...
the tights are crazy colorful, but only $7.90
heehee, bf said she looked like the fashion designer from the Incredibles.
after h&m, watched Tropic Thunder. the theaters are so strict now. the girl was being a beezy by asking for ids. who actually checks if it's rated R? kids these days see worse than that. also, they weren't allowing "outside" food into the theater. that meant my bf had to throw away his drink he just bought. i stuffed his anderson's sandwich and pastry into my tiny ass bag. damn, i should of got that bag from h&m. good for times like this where you need to hide shit. even after the movie was over, they had employees standing outside the doors. they usually don't do that. damn. well at least they haven't reached AMC standards: id checks, security guards, and those black stands with cords connecting them for lines, leading straight to the exit. rawr. fuck the theaters with their $10 tickets and strict rules!
afterwards, i took my anger out on almonds that needed to be taken out of their shells. ate some in the process.
rawr! my sister busted out the chalk and i tried to draw my chicken.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Smiling at the Gates of Hell

At the Gates of Hell in the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford last year in August.
It's funny how i can't get out as much the more i get older. sad.
anyway, went to old navy yesterday to get those flats. i was about to buy it online, but decided just to go because i didn't want to pay the $7 s&h.
thank goodness i went!
they didn't have black, but they had the same style and when i tried it on, it felt really hard! it was stiff and not as comfortable as i thought it would be. tear tear. i tried on their other flats, but they weren't comfortable or pretty as i saw them online.
i did see some things i liked, like a pair of pumps and a bag, but they were around $30 or more each... i guess i'll wait till they get on clearance.
speaking of clearance, damn. it was so messy. things were just thrown on the shelves all disorganized. old navy's standards have gone down.
but i guess i'm just bitter that they didn't hire me.
:F haha. oh well.
today wasn't any good either. went to Loehmann's but their shoe collection featured the sizes 9 and 10 only. even went to Ross, but it wasn't good there either.
gah! bad shopping day. will i ever find a good pair of flats?
i'm not giving up though! with a week left until school starts, i'm going to hit the thrift stores. i found a good one while searching on yelp, so i gotta check that one out.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tea Ren's Tea Time

Another Tapioca run today. i was extremely thirsty and there wasn't anything to drink except water, milk, and soda. i'm getting tired of tapioca after going there a couple times a week the whole summer, so instead, i got my usual at Tea Ren, the Passionfruit Green Tea Milk Tea (with pearls of course :D)so yummy! :)
it makes my throat all itchy though. :D
well, with the week almost over, there is only one week left before school starts. i just realized today that i could go back to school shopping. weird. on my (wish) list:
i think these flats would be best. the price isn't bad and it's simple. my flats are all worn out and torn. :( makes me sad. i definitely need flats.
-black skirt:
i'm STILL looking at this skirt from Urbanoutfitters. i listed the reasons for this skirt than the one from aa in an earlier post. uo also has a not high waisted version for only $24, but i think this would be more versatle.
-big ass bag.
i haven't seen any that i like online. i need to get out of the house and shop!
and yeah, i think that's all i pretty much need.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


forever 21 finally has these leggings:not bad for $13.80, but not for me. i'll stick with my plain black leggings. these scream out sex! :O

band geek!

today i went back to my old highschool to visit the girls in color guard. it was fun seeing them all again. it made me want to be in color guard again.our makeup was hideous and our pants were so tight, but i loved all of it. good memories.