Friday, October 31, 2008

new hoods

it is said that japanese fashion is 2-3 years ahead, but i never found an example. browsing around, i found this.(the black one reminds me of little red riding hood!)
it looked very familiar an
d i remembered that i saw it in one of my old Zipper magazines and thought of making it. this Zipper issue is from 2006 and now urbanoutfitters has it in 2008.i tried to make this one, but i gave up:seeing it on urbanoutfitters makes me want to make it! even though it would be easier for me to just buy it, 1: i don't have money and 2: i haven't knitted anything for a long time, so i want to make something new!
i think that this would be cute to knit as w
ell. maybe adding bear or cat ears will make it even more cuter!i'm super excited to have a knitting project to do now! yeee :D


Miranda said...

omg! those hoodie scarves are greattt

Merily said...

It'll look So cute with the bear ears :)

TRISH said...

Wow,this is really cool.

Anonymous said...

You should try making the scoodie! They had a tutorial on threadbanger that was super easy to do! =)