Wednesday, October 22, 2008

too many looks

top: forever21
shorts: urbanoutfitters
socks: daiso
shoes: savers
i got some looks today at school, due to the socks and boots i think. guh i hate it. especially in the bathroom. a line of girls waiting to use the restroom looking at you is just guuuuh! and i hate girls who do the glance: look at you out of the corner of their eye, eyeing you up and down.
i really like these boots, but they hurt my feet so much. tear tear.


May Kasahara said...


saray said...

I hate when girls do that to me..
your outfit is great!! i really like it..

TRISH said...

WOW! I love your boots! :) Anyway, you're asking what kind of eyeshadow I used? Hm, I really don't know what kind but it is Max Factor. ;)

Bee said...

What?? They seriously looked at you? Ugh. Other girls could be so annoying sometimes. You look really good, you know.

Anonymous said...

babes,this is pweedie...*sniff sniff for those boots..and they look soo good!*

Miranda said...

you know what hon?
they're just JEALOUS.
;)<3 don't even pay any attention to them. they just wish they could rock what you rock.