Wednesday, October 15, 2008

vegemite and tim tams

sweater: banana republic
skirt: forever21
i hate my muscular legs. guh.
when i got home, my mom asked me "is that what you wore to school?" guh. what is that supposed to mean?
anyway, i'm excited about vegemite and tim tams. hopefully trying them tomorrow at the only australian store i've seen, Australian Products Co. on stevens creek.
college is sucky. i missed my public speaking class 4 times now. english twice. film twice. guh. bad bad. no motivation. guh!
it's nice to have holy thursday stuck in my head though.


Miranda said...

haha don't worry
my legs are muscular too!
i like that skirt (:

Shen-Shen said...

My mother always makes comments like that about my clothes, only she calls me trashy and a whore and whatnot.. There should be a school for parents to learn when to just stfu and get off their children's backs!