Tuesday, October 21, 2008

funny face

went to a typical filipino familyfriends party. kids are so crazy, wild, and fun!sitting in a kid's dora chair. haha.
watching kids fight is amusing...
this elevator had a mirror on top...perfect for crazy makeout elevator sessions. haha. i dunno why, but i always think "is this elevator makeout worthy?" weird thing was that it was a senior citizen housing complex...
anyway, funny face was on a couple of nights ago. not my favorite audrey hepburn movie, but it's cute.
now i have this stuck in my head:

turtleneck & tank underneath: h&m
boots: oldnavy
i like to play ninja in this turtleneck!!!


Miranda said...

you're so cute!
i love your turtleneck :)
and those boots

TRISH said...

OMG. I love your boots! Anyway, about the FaceBook. Can I add you up?

chnch said...

love your all black ensemble!:)

Dane said...

Love the turtleneck, but obviously we could never wear that over here. =)

Im saddened by the fact that you are afraid of coming here because of the Abu Sayyaf situation. I have been back for 7 years and I have never been in a situation nor do I know anyone who has ever faced them. There is so much more to the philippines than all that bull they show on tv. They only show the bad anyway. I feel bad for those who miss out on exploring the motherland because of those things said about the country by the media. They dont know anything about the philippines. Its just sad.

I absolutely love it here.

Bee said...

Aww.. You look cute in that outfit. :) I'ma link you.