Sunday, October 12, 2008


so tired right now. i just want to fall asleep but #1: my sister is sleeping in my bed again and #2: i feel like i just have to post. guh, not healthy.hung out with my friend, Kelly, at Starbucks. got a hot pumpkin spice latte. yum.afterwards, watched City of Ember with the boypren. inside the theater, there was this sign, but it was backwards. i couldn't read it. jacket: h&m
cardigan: americanapparel
scarf: handknit (yay, i can wear it now!)
tank: forever21
leggins: forever21
shoes: h&m
standing outside, alone in the cold is freaking scary. i had to wait for the boypren across the street from my house at 11:30pm. what made it worse was that i had to go pee. badly.


yiqin; said...

I think you are really well organised! & you make me want to have black flats!

chnch said...

welcom to rear window.
please ___ your reflectors.

eh. i can't read the 2nd word on the 2nd line:D

Shen-Shen said...

I need an AA cardigan so badly!

TRISH said...

Omg, was the movie good? I wanna watch that movie!! Ugh. :|

Btw, I love your outfit. :)

Jenny H. said...

thankss :)
yeah people used to say that i looked like haley mills... but now i guess my sister does more than me.

and you look so cute :)

Miranda said...

you look sooooo comfortable?! lol

Ess Elsie. said...

lollll 'boypren'
tehehe, filipino accents make me giggle.

and handknit?! that is wicked!! seriously, i got like three inches done of a scarf, got bored, and now it's sitting in my drawer. that is some cool beans.