Wednesday, October 29, 2008

do i look like a prostitute?!

seriously.another encounter in downtown san jose:
waiting for the bus, a guy on a bike goes up to me and says, "hi, how are you?"
i say, "good" and walk away
the guy goes up to me again and asks, "are you 18?"
i say no.
the guy leaves.
oh my fucking gosh.
i was thinking he asked that only so that he doesn't do anything illegal.
anyway, some good news: i'm getting a stack of japanese fashion magazines on sunday thanks to craigslist. the boypren made me feel stupid going to san francisco just for magazines. what else am i supposed to do in life?

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Ess Elsie. said...

LOLL. Well, at least he asked... I had an awkward situation where I had to sneakily tell a guy that I was in high school. But really, who hits on a girl in front of the DDR game in Toys R Us?!

Guy: Soo... what do you like to do for fun?
Me: ... I'm in Toys R Us, aren't I?
Guy: Did you just get out of work?
Me: I don't work. I'm still in school.
Guy: Ohh, college girl are you? What school?
Me: ... HIGH school.
Guy: OH. OH. Erhm, have a nice day! -runs away-

Ahahah, he had a look of pure terror when I told him.

Anyway, loooove that red sweater. Those stripes are making me sigh in happiness.