Saturday, October 4, 2008

sj japantown festival

today there was a festival in san jose's japantown, so my friends and i went. it wasn't that big or great [they didn't have takoyaki :(], but it was still fun.we ate at a japanese restaurant called Tsugaru. the tsugaru chicken lunch special i shared with my sister was reaaally good. :) i also ordered sake (salmon nigiri). on the menu it said it was $2.10 and i thought that was for 2, but when the waitress asked how many i wanted and i said 2, i realized that it was $2.10 for one. bummer. i didn't even eat it either. it fell into my soy sauce and the rice just fell apart. what a waste of money.
at the end of the meal, when we paid our check, our waitress and ANOTHER waitress came to our table and started babbling about how we should pay them tip. i guess they thought that the change was their tip. i didn't hear everything they said (i just heard: tip, must pay, goverment spending). i was just shocked that they actually came up to us to DEMAND their tip. that never happened to me before. rawr. that totally ruined everything.
oh well the food was still good. next time, i'm just going to pay exact change and leave without putting tip. :D i'm so glad to have these guys.


Wendy said...

Now I want some delicious Japanese food.

yiqin; said...

OMG just when I am craving for sushi!!!!

TRISH said...

I want a tempura, NOW.

May Kasahara said...


I think you just inspired me to make katsudonburi tonight.