Sunday, October 5, 2008

sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble

feeling hella nostalgic. i haven't listened to my records in MONTHS. it's surprising, because when i first got it, i was so estatic. now it's just collecting dust.


Zoƫ said...

i love old records and record players!

TRISH said...

I love vintage. And those huge CDs are lovely! I want!
Btw, thanks for the comment. I left my cellphone in the Philippines that's why. Haha! :)

Eelie said...

Records and their players are hella cool lol. If i weren't a dirt poor student i would invest in a funky 70's one methinks :D

I gathered that you have a chicken from your comment? lol Because i think i have to agree that wee Beckett is better than that! Hahahah you've started me down memory lane. i once was chased around my aunts farm by half a dozen chicken when i was younger, tripped and they all came sqwuaking their heinously filthy beaks all over me.

Oh, how wonderful for a Japantown. I never knew they had one! The food at the restaurant looks amazing. I'll have to head down to my local suchi bar tomorrow to indulge in some lovelies myself.

Nice to hear from you. You seem like such a fun loving girl :)

May Kasahara said...

So cuuuute! My fischer price one is about to bite the dust.

Valentine said...

records = love. and i see bread! def. part of my daily soundtracks.. :-)

Jenny H. said...

ahhh thank you!

i love having events to be able to get dressed up for. im such a sucker for pretty dresses.... especially blue ones it seems. hahaha.