Tuesday, October 7, 2008


dress: forever21 (safety skirt bought from savers underneath :D)
belt: savers
flats: h&m
i was flipping through the channels, eating Zachary's Chicago Pizza's deep dish spinach and mushroom pizza from Oakland (yay, leftovers to eat for days!!!) and the graduate came on. the sound of silence was playing and it reminded me of my sequence analysis paper i have to do for film class. guh.
today was a pleasant day at school. it's only fun to be there when you have a friend to chill with.
thank goodness for the nice weather too, but it's going to be getting windy soon...that means no more dresses or skirts for me :)


Jenny H. said...

you look very cute... i like the belt.

and yes i know the plaid outfit was definitely lacking in blue.

Yifen said...

haha thanks~
ooh i do like the dress;; simple clean and cute :]

mmm the wind :/ I always want to wear skirts but winter wind in SJ is ridiculous >>; It just blows everything everywhere xD;;;

Eelie said...

lol OR the wind could help with a Marilyn Monroe inpersonation! You know, where she walks over a grate and her dress flies up! Except your dress/skirt would be above your waist all down the boulevard :P I'm sure the guys wouldn't mind that scene lol.

i'm glad you put the belt overtop. It adds some contrast to the otherwise monochrome outfit and looks beautiful on you :)

Chicago deep dish? Hmmm, i've heard many-a-tales concerning them things. Apparently the portions are HUUUUGE and the bread is NON-EXISTANT. Basically a cheese meal lol but do tell if i'm wrong!

yiqin; said...

OMG I love sardines too! I love how the belt pops out in sucha outfit. Awesome!

TRISH said...

Hey love, I love your belt!

Zoƫ said...

cute dress!

Miranda said...

yeah it's getting colder in nyc
you could always wear tights!
but when it gets too cold for even tights... :(