Monday, November 3, 2008

boo halloween

i've been waiting for other people's pictures from halloween, but SOME people don't want them up because it'll ruin their image.
so my halloween was a sucky one. it was nice to be in berkeley though.
i don't know what the hell my costume is. i say "swedish maid", but on the package it says "heidi-ho". great.
the great thing about being on the 6th floor is being able to yell out "hooker" to all the sluts walking outside :D
so yeah, my night was really sucky due to the fact that i had to watch over two drunk girls the whole night. not fun. i realized that partying is not for me. seeing all those people grinding eachother just disgusts me. i was especially mad at my friends because they were dancing dirty with soooo many guys. i can't act like a slut, sorry.
i felt like such a grouchy senior citizen :D and being blinded by three naked guys running around the street at night while it was raining didn't help either.
only happy because the night was over and i would be able to take a nice long shower
beanie: h&m
i <3


TRISH said...

Wow, cool costumes! :)

Ess Elsie. said...

aww cute costume!

i know exactly how you feel at parties. i was at this party where a bunch of guys just kept taking off their shirts FOR NO REASON. every time i passed by one of them i just threw his shirt at him and told him (i mean, he wasn't even drinking!) that there was nothing special to look at. mean, but necessary.

hope you had a fun time anyhoo!

Miranda said...

hahah cute costume hon :)
yeah i don't grind either
i like smalllll, intimate parties.

yiqin; said...

AWESOME! Really cute dresses.

Anonymous said...

ee thats a scary sign! does that mean someone actually got their head stuck in the elevator? reminds me of final destination

Andromeda said...

I'm sorry your Halloween sucked.
you're cute though.

Wendy said...

You look so cute in that costume.

WendyB said...

Love that elevator sign! So funny.