Wednesday, October 29, 2008

do you work here?

i wish!
i went to the mall with my friend and we were browsing around forever21 when a lady came up to me and asked if i worked there.
that's a compliment.
the thing that pisses me off is how you can only get hired at f21 if your friend is working there. rawr.
but that's hypocritical because i'm applying and have my interview tomorrow at american eagle (again) and my friend works there :D
mad because my sister was at the doorway being annoying.
wow two outfit posts in a day...sad.


jessica ann said...

thank you for such a lovely comment :) i wanted to work at f21 so bad in high school! i still probably would if i hadn't heard all of the horror stories of working there! but i'm sure it's different from where you are than at the hectic mall i'm close by :) i love what you are wearing, a long cardigan is a must for winter! and are you wearing boots? i'd like to see more of them :)xo

lara said...

good luck for the interview, I like your cardigan :)!

Anonymous said...

haha my sister worked at forever 21 for two summers in a row. my sister is kinda charming though, i'd have to say. she just smiled and everything and they couldn't resist. i guess they don't like little frowning dwarfs like me. besides the fact i'm not old enough to work