Thursday, October 9, 2008


omg i have a freaking hole in my tooth. a couple of days ago, one of my upper left molars was hurting and after much probing with my tounge, i discerned that it was a cavity. it really bothered me today, so i took one of those dentist mirror things and looked at it and OMG it's a freaking hole!!! it looks like a piece just fell off. i'm hoping it's not a cavity because cavity holes usually take a long time to form, but it's black, so ugh. i don't want another scaryass needle in my mouth and pain from getting it drilled!!! gaaaahhhhhh
today, i was planning to go thrifting with the boypren, but we just ended up going malling. typical.
it was rather fun for me since i haven't been to the mall in a long time. being alone is also quite nice because you can take your time and relax.
i went to the neiman marcus last call store and i had too much fun checking out the shoes.
i saw these crazy chloe boots that rumi from fashion toast sports and had to try them on. crazy...i also spotted cute marc by marc jacobs. they were extremely tight for my size (7), but i could actually walk in them. too bad they were around 200. even with and extra 20% off, i wouldn't be able to afford them. maybe my birthday or xmas i can splurge.
i got this dress from loveculture. it reminds me of bebe. it was normally $21.90, but it was on sale for $15.99, but there was a 50% off sale, so i got it for $8.65. score.


May Kasahara said...

holy CRAP how much were those Chloes?

They are AWESOME.

Love the color of that dress. ♥

May Kasahara said...


not listening. Last Call is a dangerous place.

TRISH said...

Omg, how much were those Chloe boots? OMG. I really want a pair of those boots. Pfft.

Couture Carrie said...

That dress reminds me of Herve Leger - great find!!


Zoƫ said...

cute shirt!
and omg that sucks! Im lucky; ive never had a cavity

Anonymous said...

awww i love trying on shoes! they really slow down a shopping trip though, once i see one, i just can't get enough!

Miranda said...

those chloes<3
i just wanna try them on........... hahahahaha

:.:aNNa:.: said...

you are such a cool kid with freakin' awesome taste in shoes. <3 much love for leaving the first comment on le blog.

jessica ann said...

those marc shoes are so pretty! i want! and that dress is bangin' xo

chnch said...

yes. i hate the dentist too. everytime i go there, the dentist only shares bad news:|

anywhoo, i love those boots! they're pretty:D