Saturday, October 11, 2008


currently stuck in my head:

fell for apple's ipod commercial song this time around
i have a dentist appt for my cavity tomorrow...dun dun dun!!!
cardigan: americanapparel
tee: oldnavy
jeans: walmart
shoes: h&m
today was the premiere of the boypren's skate video "Curbside". waiting for the bus sucked because it was so cold and windy. there was an accident, so they stopped the bus service. guh. also, in the beginning, there was drama. i got over it by talking with the boypren's parents. it was nice.
i'm glad that fall is finally here (kinda, sorta), but i hate the cold nights and mornings!!! rawr.
can't really see from here, but i moved the part in my hair to the middle and tried to move my bangs as well, but they were stubborn. i really like the look. it's cool how changing such a simple thing can give a new look.
now i don't know where to sleep because my sister is sleeping in my bed. rawr!

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