Friday, October 31, 2008

new hoods

it is said that japanese fashion is 2-3 years ahead, but i never found an example. browsing around, i found this.(the black one reminds me of little red riding hood!)
it looked very familiar an
d i remembered that i saw it in one of my old Zipper magazines and thought of making it. this Zipper issue is from 2006 and now urbanoutfitters has it in 2008.i tried to make this one, but i gave up:seeing it on urbanoutfitters makes me want to make it! even though it would be easier for me to just buy it, 1: i don't have money and 2: i haven't knitted anything for a long time, so i want to make something new!
i think that this would be cute to knit as w
ell. maybe adding bear or cat ears will make it even more cuter!i'm super excited to have a knitting project to do now! yeee :D

Thursday, October 30, 2008


yay, i'm hired at american eagle!!! time to find things to buy online :Dsmiling because i finally have a job now
vest: sjp steve&barrys
vests are really warm! :D

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

do you work here?

i wish!
i went to the mall with my friend and we were browsing around forever21 when a lady came up to me and asked if i worked there.
that's a compliment.
the thing that pisses me off is how you can only get hired at f21 if your friend is working there. rawr.
but that's hypocritical because i'm applying and have my interview tomorrow at american eagle (again) and my friend works there :D
mad because my sister was at the doorway being annoying.
wow two outfit posts in a day...sad.

do i look like a prostitute?!

seriously.another encounter in downtown san jose:
waiting for the bus, a guy on a bike goes up to me and says, "hi, how are you?"
i say, "good" and walk away
the guy goes up to me again and asks, "are you 18?"
i say no.
the guy leaves.
oh my fucking gosh.
i was thinking he asked that only so that he doesn't do anything illegal.
anyway, some good news: i'm getting a stack of japanese fashion magazines on sunday thanks to craigslist. the boypren made me feel stupid going to san francisco just for magazines. what else am i supposed to do in life?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


cardigan: h&m
top, belt, & shorts: forever21
shoes: savers
i am NOT looking forward to halloween! berkeley, freezing cold, no parties, and being squished in a dorm room?! guh!
man, teenyboppers are so fucking annoying. seriously, stop with camera whoring all those pictures of yourself in all those different angles in all those "sexy" poses. stop typing in that weird confusing shit language of yours. gah!

Monday, October 27, 2008

come softly to me

today was supposed to be warm! grrr!romper: forever21
belt: savers
bra: urbanoutfitters
i am in love with rompers/onepieces right now. the only problem with them is going to the bathroom :(
stuck in my head (youtube didn't have the astrud gilberto version):

Saturday, October 25, 2008


i'm so tired right now. sigh. what a busy day.
cardigan: americanapparel
long sleeve: abercrombie

shorts: sjp steve&barrys
socks: daiso
boots: oldnavy
today was my friend, jimilyn's 18th birthday.
she doesn't look 18 does she? more like 11 haha.
we took bart to san francisco and then walked to japantown. going there sucked because i was sitting alone as the 9th wheel :(
we went to pikapika this place that has all of these japanese photo booths and took some pictures. it was so fun!

i was in heaven at kinokuniya looking at all of the japanese magazines. they're so expensive! :( tear tear. luckily, i saw that they had a 50% off bin and i scored a ViVi. yee. strawberry hi-chew and a japanese magazine is all i need :D seriously this magazine is like porn for me. haha ;D

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

too many looks

top: forever21
shorts: urbanoutfitters
socks: daiso
shoes: savers
i got some looks today at school, due to the socks and boots i think. guh i hate it. especially in the bathroom. a line of girls waiting to use the restroom looking at you is just guuuuh! and i hate girls who do the glance: look at you out of the corner of their eye, eyeing you up and down.
i really like these boots, but they hurt my feet so much. tear tear.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

funny face

went to a typical filipino familyfriends party. kids are so crazy, wild, and fun!sitting in a kid's dora chair. haha.
watching kids fight is amusing...
this elevator had a mirror on top...perfect for crazy makeout elevator sessions. haha. i dunno why, but i always think "is this elevator makeout worthy?" weird thing was that it was a senior citizen housing complex...
anyway, funny face was on a couple of nights ago. not my favorite audrey hepburn movie, but it's cute.
now i have this stuck in my head:

turtleneck & tank underneath: h&m
boots: oldnavy
i like to play ninja in this turtleneck!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

ginger beer

ginger beer!!! yum! went to the australian store with the boypren. got some yummy indian food after. the vegemite is weird...cardigan: heritage 1981
tee: oldnavy
skirt: savers

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

vegemite and tim tams

sweater: banana republic
skirt: forever21
i hate my muscular legs. guh.
when i got home, my mom asked me "is that what you wore to school?" guh. what is that supposed to mean?
anyway, i'm excited about vegemite and tim tams. hopefully trying them tomorrow at the only australian store i've seen, Australian Products Co. on stevens creek.
college is sucky. i missed my public speaking class 4 times now. english twice. film twice. guh. bad bad. no motivation. guh!
it's nice to have holy thursday stuck in my head though.

Monday, October 13, 2008


almost got hit by a car in the parking garage. guh.tarepanda head pillow/plush toy!!! <3
aa baby rib cardigan & another handknit scarf.
i was really bored last night so i decided to search makeup on youtube and came across this amazing girl named judy who does amazing makeup!!!
this is my favorite look. it's so damn sexy...too bad i can't replicate it. tear tear.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


so tired right now. i just want to fall asleep but #1: my sister is sleeping in my bed again and #2: i feel like i just have to post. guh, not healthy.hung out with my friend, Kelly, at Starbucks. got a hot pumpkin spice latte. yum.afterwards, watched City of Ember with the boypren. inside the theater, there was this sign, but it was backwards. i couldn't read it. jacket: h&m
cardigan: americanapparel
scarf: handknit (yay, i can wear it now!)
tank: forever21
leggins: forever21
shoes: h&m
standing outside, alone in the cold is freaking scary. i had to wait for the boypren across the street from my house at 11:30pm. what made it worse was that i had to go pee. badly.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


cardigan: h&m
tee: oldnavy
slip underneath: h&m
tights: mervyn's
shoes: savers
got my cavity filled today. it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. :D the only part that sucked was getting the shot to numb my gum. i hate their big, steel needles.


currently stuck in my head:

fell for apple's ipod commercial song this time around
i have a dentist appt for my cavity tomorrow...dun dun dun!!!
cardigan: americanapparel
tee: oldnavy
jeans: walmart
shoes: h&m
today was the premiere of the boypren's skate video "Curbside". waiting for the bus sucked because it was so cold and windy. there was an accident, so they stopped the bus service. guh. also, in the beginning, there was drama. i got over it by talking with the boypren's parents. it was nice.
i'm glad that fall is finally here (kinda, sorta), but i hate the cold nights and mornings!!! rawr.
can't really see from here, but i moved the part in my hair to the middle and tried to move my bangs as well, but they were stubborn. i really like the look. it's cool how changing such a simple thing can give a new look.
now i don't know where to sleep because my sister is sleeping in my bed. rawr!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


omg i have a freaking hole in my tooth. a couple of days ago, one of my upper left molars was hurting and after much probing with my tounge, i discerned that it was a cavity. it really bothered me today, so i took one of those dentist mirror things and looked at it and OMG it's a freaking hole!!! it looks like a piece just fell off. i'm hoping it's not a cavity because cavity holes usually take a long time to form, but it's black, so ugh. i don't want another scaryass needle in my mouth and pain from getting it drilled!!! gaaaahhhhhh
today, i was planning to go thrifting with the boypren, but we just ended up going malling. typical.
it was rather fun for me since i haven't been to the mall in a long time. being alone is also quite nice because you can take your time and relax.
i went to the neiman marcus last call store and i had too much fun checking out the shoes.
i saw these crazy chloe boots that rumi from fashion toast sports and had to try them on. crazy...i also spotted cute marc by marc jacobs. they were extremely tight for my size (7), but i could actually walk in them. too bad they were around 200. even with and extra 20% off, i wouldn't be able to afford them. maybe my birthday or xmas i can splurge.
i got this dress from loveculture. it reminds me of bebe. it was normally $21.90, but it was on sale for $15.99, but there was a 50% off sale, so i got it for $8.65. score.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


went to walmart with one of my best friends, thuy. she got one of those sucker fishes that eat all the algae and stuff.
i used to have a fish like this. one of it's eyes was busted.
cardigan: h&m
tank: oldnavy
jeans: walmart
shoes: savers
today was the first time i actually wore those shoes for a whole day. my feet hurt right now!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


dress: forever21 (safety skirt bought from savers underneath :D)
belt: savers
flats: h&m
i was flipping through the channels, eating Zachary's Chicago Pizza's deep dish spinach and mushroom pizza from Oakland (yay, leftovers to eat for days!!!) and the graduate came on. the sound of silence was playing and it reminded me of my sequence analysis paper i have to do for film class. guh.
today was a pleasant day at school. it's only fun to be there when you have a friend to chill with.
thank goodness for the nice weather too, but it's going to be getting windy soon...that means no more dresses or skirts for me :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble

feeling hella nostalgic. i haven't listened to my records in MONTHS. it's surprising, because when i first got it, i was so estatic. now it's just collecting dust.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

sj japantown festival

today there was a festival in san jose's japantown, so my friends and i went. it wasn't that big or great [they didn't have takoyaki :(], but it was still fun.we ate at a japanese restaurant called Tsugaru. the tsugaru chicken lunch special i shared with my sister was reaaally good. :) i also ordered sake (salmon nigiri). on the menu it said it was $2.10 and i thought that was for 2, but when the waitress asked how many i wanted and i said 2, i realized that it was $2.10 for one. bummer. i didn't even eat it either. it fell into my soy sauce and the rice just fell apart. what a waste of money.
at the end of the meal, when we paid our check, our waitress and ANOTHER waitress came to our table and started babbling about how we should pay them tip. i guess they thought that the change was their tip. i didn't hear everything they said (i just heard: tip, must pay, goverment spending). i was just shocked that they actually came up to us to DEMAND their tip. that never happened to me before. rawr. that totally ruined everything.
oh well the food was still good. next time, i'm just going to pay exact change and leave without putting tip. :D i'm so glad to have these guys.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


i've been feeling so delirious lately with being sick, the kitty, not going to school, watching endless amounts of tv, the cloudy, but warm and windy weather, etc.
i tried self timer, but it just seems to not work for me.
cardigan: hand me down from auntie
tee: h&m
under tee: americanapparel two tone dress
shoes: h&m