Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ms. Annie Hall

today in film class, we watched "Annie Hall". i didn't really expect anything from the film because i don't like woody allen because i thought he was a perv and i didn't really like match point. too long and wtf. but i really liked annie hall! right off the bat i noticed diane keaton's character's (annie hall) fashion. it was so inspiring!the film was pretty funny too. woody allen is a funny guy.
aside from that, i did the usual for my 3 hour break: eat cheap food (MacDo) and chill in the library.
we go to the top floor (8th) and chill in one of the rooms. the floor is supposed to be a quiet study floor, but even with the door closed, people can still hear us. opsy.
i really like this h&m top. it hides my full tummy :D
also scored this uo vneck cardigan with a hoodie from my brother. he didn't want it anymore. it's like a coat on me. can't wait for fall!

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