Friday, September 12, 2008

Peanuts Deluxe Cafe

went to school today even though i didn't have class. i had to work on a speech project. ugh.
sjsu is so empty on fridays. it's nice. but that's only because of thursday nights.
sweater: gap
tank: banana republic
jeans: walmart
shoes: h&m
there are some kooky people on public transit.
today, the bus was getting crowded so i moved over and this guy sat down next to me.
he started talking and it was hard for me to understand...
he said i had a pretty smile and even asked for my name. at first i said "charmaine" but he didn't get that so i said "kc". gah, and then he put out his hand which i shook because i didn't want to be rude.
there's plenty more stories...
anyway. i went to Peanuts Deluxe Cafe for the first time.
i hate going into places and not knowing what to do. i just stood there dumbfounded. once i figured it all out, i got a yummy avocado bacon tomato cheese sandwich and took a bite out of a yummy philly cheese steak. yum.


Jenny H. said...

cute and casual outfit.

wanna trade links?

Shen-Shen said...

Don't you just hate awkward moments, haha?

I'm loving that sweater, it looks comfy!

chineric said...

haha! funny i experience that most of the time since i ride our very own MRT like everyday when i go to work!

Miranda said...

i love oversized sweaters. so comfy.
i get really uncomfortable when random guys start talking to me haha. i tend to just ignore them

Wendy said...

Nice and casual.

So Yun Um said...

hahaha man, i read what your comment before i saw the film and i was constantly just thinking of what you said, even though it is very true. hahah

and you go to sjsu? i was going to go there ... or sf.. but ended up just going to a community college..

emily said...

i love the top and that's really funny/awkward about the man!

ashley said...

I like those shoes, and your sweater looks very comfy.