Thursday, September 18, 2008

"you look dead"

when my friend picked me up this morning, she said that i looked dead. what?! amy winehouse lined eyes make you look dead?! wtf?anyway...
jacket: h&m
tee: americanapparel (V-neck thursday!!! yay!)
jeans: walmart
and good old purple chucks.
had the dark elevator today. it's so one of those elevators a couple walks in and makes out madly.
i went to eastridge today to watch a movie. usually wouldn't go there, but my friend at american eagle had free movie tickets. perks of working at american eagle: getting 63 free movie tickets. score.
bf wasn't there, so i walked around.
i'm still in love with these heels. but they're still 34.50. guh. they feel walkable, but you really don't know until you take them out. can't decide if they're walkable in a small little dressing room.
i don't know why i'm in love with this look even though the sizes are XL and XXL.
afterwards, i saw a payless and i was sooooooooo glad. i wanted to check out these:
i've been checking these out online for so long. i'm in love with them. even though they're only 39.99 i don't even have the money to get it. tear tear. but i was happy trying them on!i also spotted these, which i didn't see online. i couldn't really try them on though, because my jeans have a small leg opening and are really long, thus being scrunchy at the end. rawr. i wish i wore tights and a dress or something. :(watched bangkok dangerous with the bf. we decided why not since we weren't really paying for it and we could laugh at the ridiculous movie. bought macdo and since they don't allow outside food inside, i put it in my bag (thank you big black bag! you are so useful!). my bag smells like fries now. and of course we had to go to daiso. we had to control ourselves from not staying in there longer. they were having a $1 food sale for food that is almost expired. weird.
i think it's funny how it says "Food, for ages 0-100". hahahaha.


Shen-Shen said...

Ahhh I love those beige/nude heels!

Miranda said...

i'm loving those second pair of boots!

Wendy said...

Oh gosh, Payless came out with such chic shoes.

Anonymous said...

oh man. i get so grumpy when someone tells me i look tired or sick when i am not. =/ and i looooove payless oh man. haha. it has become my new obsession. i used to hate it. but now i am all for it. i need to get my hands on the new alice + olivia patent peep toe wedge ankle boots! wow -- that was a lot of trend in one sentence. haha. the ankle boots you tried on are amazing though. you should totally get them when you've got the money! and the lace up ones are even better! i wish they were online! iw ant to see them. =)

Jenny H. said...

payless really seems to of had a revolution this season.
they have been producing some greatt shoes.
i need to find out where my closest one is and pounce on all those babies. hahahaaa.

plus i reallyyyy like that xl dress on you. i think you could make it look quite chic.

Anonymous said...

yay shoes! payless is definitely stepping up their game nowadays

Audrey Leighton said...

really like the xxl large dress and the boots from payless.


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