Wednesday, September 24, 2008


yay, i'm taking care of a kitty! my friend found it on the street and brought it to the humane society, but since it was so young, they would of put it to sleep. so now, i'm taking care of it until it's 2 pounds. heehee. at first i didn't tell my mom, because i thought she would get mad and throw it away or something, but she's ok with it. wheeeee.gah, she won't stop meowing. i feel like a single mom or something. always tired.


TRISH said...

Hey girl. The eyeliners are good. Thanks for asking. :)
Btw, the kitty is so cute. You should keep it. Make it fat! Haha. :)

Miranda said...

AWWW! that's so cute<3
i hope it gets nice and healthy asap
do you think your mama will let you keep it?

freya said...

aww, your cat is sooo cute! :)

Shen-Shen said...

AHH, so cute, it's so tiny!!

I wish my mom would be so lenient :(

Jenny H. said...

ahh what a cute kitten!

and yeah i agree. bending over can be a problem.
but the one i was wearing in that post is just long enough that i dont need to be too concerned!

terren said...

absolutely adorable!

Ashleigh said...

Like your camera =) and that Kitty....soo precious