Monday, September 29, 2008

no more milk

there's no more milk in the fridge. guh. what am i going to do?! i just made brownies too. :(
it sucks being sick. i decided to skip my public speaking class and ate pho with the bf. i decided not to go to my history class too and ooo lucky me, the prof sent an email saying we had no class today. good thing since i didn't finish reading the whole chapter. :D
cardigan: classics
tee: sjp steve & barrys
skirt: forever21 (i love the pockets!)
tights: mervyn's
shoes: savers
i went to petsmart to get some more milk formula for the kitty. i'm really worried for it because it hasn't been acting normally. it always dozes off to sleep and doesn't mew/meow as much. i hope it's not sick!


nv said...

the skirt is adorable and love the shoes!

yiqin; said...

Ah I don't drink milk..I think it tastes weird! :/

Wow, I love the skirt! & your shoes! Awesome. I love pockets too! :D I don't know where else to put my hands without pockets!